Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You Know You're a Mom When...

Yes there are many situations that come up and it's then that you realize that you ARE a MOM.. Like, you know you are a Mom when..
you have conversations about poop, it's colour and consistency.
your child throws up at the table and you're able to clean it up and still enjoy your meal.
poop in your bathtub isn't all that abnormal.
your child takes whatever is in his/her mouth and shoves it in yours...you eat it and don't cringe. (this happened to me today, nothing quite like half chewed carrott to get your day off on the right start!)
you are able to grab your child, their diaper bag, your purse, the keys to the car and manage to get all of these things into the car without mishap.
your child smears their runny nose on your sleeve and it doesn't bother you.
you know most if not all kinds of nursery rhymes by heart.
you know just at many lullabies.
you love the smell of your own child.

Well, thats what I've come up with so far, so all you other mothers, and I know you're out there, do you have any other instances of "You Know You're a Mom When"? I'd love to hear them!


Nancy said...

You know you're not a Mom when you can't make it past the first mention of the word 'poop' in this blog entry. *LOL*

mary e said...

You know you're a Mom (actually I'm a Mum) when you say "Look at the big blue bus! Isn't that a great bus." and then you realise there are only adults with you, and no 2-yr olds, and they aren't remotely interested in the big blue bus.

Laura said...

Hey Nancy, thanks for hanging in there and posting a comment ;)

Hey Mary! Man, can't wait to start doing that! I've already accidentaly referred to a friend as "darling"...