Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Final Victory and Numbness...

A bit of an odd title for a post but let me explain. First off I need to let you know that I have more than one mom. Yes, Marianna Hope is my real life mom and I love her very much. And Colleen Peric is my mother-in-law and I love her very much. But what you might not know is that I have a few adoptive Moms. Some great ladies that I've met over the years who for whatever reason became a mom to me for some part of my life. One of these wonderful ladies was Sharon Mullen.

When I came to PEI and began my life at UPEI and MCC she was there. She and her husband lived at the College. Her husband, Giles was a student there, learning to become a Minister in the Church of Christ. Sharon being the ever faithful wife that she is followed him and his dream to change people's lives. I remember the first time I met Sharon. I knew even then she was wonderful and that I had to get to know her. Thankfully she felt the same way about me! So much time I spent in her apartment at the College listening to stories, joking and laughing, playing games and drinking coffee.

I got a phone call tonight informing me that Sharon passed away today. That's where the numbness comes in. I don't know what to feel. In my mind it just doesn't compute. It's not supposed to be this way my brain tells me. She was here barely a month ago, I gave her so many hugs, we laughed some more and talked. She was my mom and I was her Hopey, she can't be gone...

That's where the final victory comes in, Sharon knows the Lord Jesus as her Saviour. "The final victory of our lives with God is that we will live forever with Jesus-- complete, whole and perfect--just as he created us to be." (The Knowing Jesus Study Bible, Zondervan Publishing, 1999. )

I love you Sharon and I miss you.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Abby's Back in Town!

Today was our first day having Abby back over for the afternoon. Both Sean and Abby were pretty happy to see the other. There was lots of hugs to go around. At first they would give each other different toys and then Sean had enough and when he saw Abby with his toy tv remote he walked over to her, all the while saying "no, no." At one point I had a toy on my lap that I thought Abby might like to play with so I called her to come over. Sean realizing what I was doing went over to her to take her hand and bring her to me...pretty sweet. They had a great time running up and down the hallways squealing and laughing. It was definetly great to have Abby back!

Some other fun tid bits about Sean: While we were over at Jennie's clebrating her Grammie's birthday, Steven happened to give Sean his keys to play with. Sean grabbed them gleefully (and thankfully didn't put them in his mouth) and headed right over to the door to try his luck at getting out!! How funny is that?!
Sean is getting into the whole kissing thing. I've gotten quite a few big wet ones so far and he's still into the licking thing.
And last but not least, Sean said Beppe yesterday. That may not mean much to you, but that's the name I use for my Grandmother. (it's Friesan) So if only you had gone with Beppe, Gramma Hope then ya might have gotten some bragging rights! ;)

Gettin' her game face on.

Just haging on the trampoline.

"Abby, I just want to hold you hand!"

Friday, February 23, 2007

On the Mend

Sean's fever is gone but a cough and runny nose linger behind. This hasn't slowed him down much. He still enjoys bouncing on his trampoline and climbing on whatever furniture he can. He's learned a couple new animal noises, he says "Wooos" for a dog and "Cock-a-cah" for a rooster. Pretty adorable stuff.

Today I just happened to get a glimpse of two new teeth emerging! There could be more but Sean won't let me investigate too much without taking a bite out of my finger. So if there are others I'm sure they'll come through just fine without me poking my fingers in Sean's mouth.

Taking a sip out of my apple juice. Actually I figured that he would want some so I put the straw in there for him. Much easier than trying to give it to him straight from the cup.

"I love this straw Mommy, now could I use my hand and scoop some juice out?!"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life and Times at the ER

Tuesday morning we woke up and Sean had his bottle. Pretty standard stuff. Then after his bottle he went over to his toys and then just stood there looking kinda glum. I sat back down on the couch and he came over whimpering. I picked him up and he promptly fell asleep on me. I figured that maybe he had just woken up too early and needed a bit more shut eye. So I moved us back to our bedroom and he slept with me there. This should have been my first clue that something was not right. Later in the morning I took his temperature and it was up to 38.5, a good time to administer some Tylenol.

Sean spent most of the morning on my lap sleeping or just cuddling. I checked his temp again and it came down a bit so I was happy about that. But still Sean wasn't interested in playing or eating. He did drink his bottles though. At around 4 I took his temp again and it had shot up to 39.4, not good. So I called the doctor's office, they were already closed. So I opted for the Sherwood Walk in clinic. It was to start at 5 pm I got there at 4:45 and the place was packed!! I mean people were waiting outside the door to get in. I wasn't about to wait in that so we went back home and Sean slept some more.

Marko came home around 6 and we decided to go to the ER. Sean was glassy eyed and whimpering but otherwise okay. We got in at about 6:15 and we got through triage pretty quickly. They took Sean's temp again and it was down to 38.6. I felt sorta silly at that point. Rethinking whether we should just go home or wait it out to see what the doctor would tell us.

We finally got in to see the doctor a little before 11! They took his temp again and it was up to 40.1!! We felt validated at this point for staying at the ER. They got advil and tylenol in him and asked us to wait an hour in the waiting room to see if the temp would go down. Thankfully at a little before 12 they took it and it had come down to 38.3!! Phew!

So now Sean has a cough and a runny nose. Nothing too bad but he had us going there for awhile. Today he was much better. He played with his toys and ate some food. While at the ER I managed to pick up a cold myself (never been one to leave a place empty handed)So things are fun here in the Peric household. Basically when Sean naps I nap and life is good!

Baby boy with his little sheep, seems like the sheep is lookin' for some tasty belly button lint to snack on.

Playing with his shape sorter.

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, February 18, 2007

How Was Your Weekend?

We had a good quiet little weekend. Sean went to a different babysitter on Friday afternoon. He did quite well there. There was a little boy there who was only 6 months older and a little girl that was 3 years old. Sean enjoyed the company as did they. The little girl pretended to be Sean's mommy, making sure he was okay and generally looking out for him. The most amazing part (in my eyes anyways) was that he napped while he was there!! And for like an hour and a half! I could hardly believe it when the babysitter told me! Sean was happy to see me when I came to pick him up but he certainly wasn't done playing! He had been colouring when I showed up but then decided to find some cans of pop and shook them up for awhile :)

On Saturday, I worked with my oldies while Sean and Daddy had fun playing at home. We made a quick stop after work to pop in and say hello to the MacDonalds and to see how Abby was doing. She was down for a nap at the time but is doing quite well! Yay!

Sunday morning we headed out to church and had a lovely time. Sean played his little heart out in the nursery and at fellowship time he went from person to person looking for snacks! In the afternoon we all played in the living room with Sean's mega blocks. Sean has discovered the art of throwing things so this makes playing with anything a possibility for projectile war fare. Actually he isn't too bad, I'll tell him no and usually (and I use that term loosely) will stop.

"Just put the block down nicely and no one gets hurt, comprendez?!"

Up close and personal.

I know, I know, plastic bag on head not a good idea! Not to worry, we don't encourage suffocation in our house.

Friday, February 16, 2007

This One's For Abby

Sean has been hounding me and hounding me to write this post ever since he saw the last post about our playdate. He was afraid that it might be taken the wrong way, that some how Abby might think that he didn't love her anymore, and really there couldn't be anything further from the truth! I mean if we even drive in the general direction to Abby's house Sean immediately starts calling out her name. So, at his request I write you the following missive:

Dearest Abby, I want you to know that the playdate was mostly for Mommy. She kept blabbering on about wanting to have some adult talk. I went along with the whole idea mostly because I wanted to explore and get out of the apartment. I had fun over at Menita's and she's a great gal and all, but don't you think for one minute that she could take your place in my heart! I think you should also know that Menita feels the same way about me, she has her own fella in her life. We played, we hugged and we let our Mommies yak and yak and yak!! I miss you Abby. I hope you are feeling better. Mommy tells me that you are home from the hospital now. I hope I get to see you again soon!!
With all the love my little heart can hold,

" I love my Abby!"

"I can't wait to play ball with you Abby!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Playdate with Melissa and Menita

Today Sean and I spent a lovely afternoon with Melissa and Menita. Melissa and I are friends from when I went to M.C.C. (Maritime Christian College) and Menita is her beautiful and nearly 2 year old daughter. When we arrived Menita was down for her nap so Sean ran over and helped himself to her toys. Meanwhile, Melissa gave me a tour of their lovely home. Just before we sat down with our coffees Menita woke up and joined in on the fun. At first she wasn't quite sure what to think of Sean. The two of them have only seen each other every Tuesday morning in the nursery during our women's bible study at church. But it didn't take too long and the two of them were laughing and squealing between the curtains at the window. I'd say that the sweetest point was when they got their hug bug on. Sean leaned in and Menita wrapped her arms around him. Ultra adorable.

Caught in the act!

Hanging at the window.

Isn't she a sweetie?! She's wearing Sean's touque. Menita, our little homey.

Big Hugs!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Seeing as there is about 30 minutes left of Valentine's day I thought I would slip my post in under the wire.

In the Peric household, we all got up and opened some presents. Nothing too outrageous. Marko got lots of chocolate sugary sweetness and Sean got his own little tambourine and I also got some much desired chocolate and a potted Chrysanthemum. Sean loves his tambourine! We played with it for awhile. He would wack away at it and I would dance around like an idiot and when he stopped wacking I'd freeze in place until he started up again. Sean found this most hilarious! I found it to be quite the little workout.

For supper I whipped up a big chicken dinner with all the fixings. Lots of stuffing, potatoes and carrots. Yum! We ate ourselves silly! After dinner we watched the movie Firewall. It was pretty good. Tonight, We're supposed to be getting quite the winter storm. So far the wind has picked up a bit but that's about it.

Oooh, Sean did the cutest thing today. We've been asking Sean what sounds different animals make and his responses for the most part were pretty minimal. But today when I asked him what sound a cow makes he made the cutest little "Mooooooo" sound! Super sweet. Then I asked him what sound the sheep makes, in almost a whisper he says, "baaaa." What a cutie.

It looks like Sean is cutting out his morning nap these days. I'm not so sure how happy I am about this milestone. I was enjoying my little breaks, if not to nap myself then to just have some quiet time. I may still put him in his crib with a few toys for half an hour or so just to help keep my sanity. I shouldn't complain though, he isn't crabby without the nap, if anything he's got more energy to burn off!

He looks mighty pleased about this one eh?

"Wacka, wacka, wacka."

"This is pretty cool."

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 12, 2007

A New Found Appreciation for Laundry Baskets and Yogurt!

I guess I could also add in that title exercise balls. All of the afore mentioned items have truely helped define Sean as a unique little guy. Sean is passionate about the exercise ball. Every morning after his bottle he slips off my lap and makes his way down the hallway, all the while exclaiming "Baah, Baah!" He knows where I keep it and waits for me to get it out for him so he can roll it around and occasionally have me bounce him up and down on it.

Then there's the laundry basket, when I got it I was quite pleased with how well it held all of our dirty laundry. I especially liked the groove in it so you can hang it on your hip while you push open doors and the like. And then Sean came along and it has become his favourite push around toy. My boy will push that thing all over the apartment for minutes on end!! Sometimes he'll even plop a couple toys in it and take them for a ride around the apartment!

This of course brings us to yogurt. Truth be told I've never had a new or old appreciation for yogurt. I know it's soooo good for you but I just don't like the stuff. The smell is a little daunting and the consistency?! Yuck! The closest I'll get to yogurt is the frozen stuff, I can convince myself that it's just like ice cream and slap a couple scoops in a bowl and eat it right up. Now, thankfully Sean is not like that. Sean on the other hand absolutely LOVES the stuff!! And that's not the best part either. The best part is that I can hide the food he doesn't like in it!! Like eggs and beef and pretty near anything else I can come up with! I love it! Since his yogurt has those lumpy bits of fruit in it, the added stuff just sorta gets lost in all the yogurty goodness!! Now there's a flavour of yogurt you don't often see: Beefy Blueberry or perhaps you'd like to try some Eggselent Strawberry Surprise?!

Sean's on the ball!

Just moving things around.

" I am Captain Sean Marius, of the Bucket Brigade! I Salute You!!"

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Working with My Oldies

No, I’m not talking about my classic rock collection. I’m talking about my work. I affectionately call the elderly couple (who are well into their 80s) that I work for my "oldies." I don’t say it to be mean, its more endearing than anything else. I just love them to bits and look forward to my four hours on Friday and my next four hours on Saturday doing errands for them.

I thought I might just give you a sort of glimpse of what I do (besides looking after my ever so active son). I bring you then; a typical day with my oldies.

On Saturdays I arrive around 10 am. If it snowed the night before or in the early morning, I take the time to shovel their walk before going in the house. Upon entering their home, I kick off my boots and bound up their stairs with a cheery hello. The gentleman of the house is usually sitting in his recliner reading the paper. He’ll look up from his paper and say hello and thank me for shovelling the walk. The missus is usually sitting on the couch sipping her morning tea. I make my way into the kitchen to see what might need to be done. Sometimes there are dishes to be put away or the dishwasher to empty. Today I emptied the dishwasher and then got the chicken prepped and in the oven for supper that evening.

The missus usually joins me in the kitchen to give me sort of a run down of what we would be doing for the day. Today there was some shopping to do, biscuits to be made, some tidying up to do and a mattress to change. But before heading out the door it was time for a cup of tea and a biscuit (they love their tea and biscuits!). So we all sat in the living room and sipped our tea and munched our biscuits. I love these times of sitting and chatting with them. They have so many stories to tell. I’ve heard about TB, medical operations they’ve been through, renting cottages, owning their own business and much more. My personal favourite story was about a neighbour who went blueberry picking and after filling two buckets with blueberries decided to whip off her bloomers and fill them too!!

After tea time, she and I head out. We hit a couple different grocery stores, a bakery and the bank. It’s noon by the time we get back. We joke about staying out all afternoon and letting the gentleman take care of himself. *snicker* We pop in the door with our purchases and proceed to get lunch on the table. Of course at lunch there is more tea and usually a biscuit or two about. The gentleman loves, I mean LOVES to make fun of my biscuits! For whatever reason, my biscuits tend to sorta lean over instead of being straight up and down. He refers to them as ‘those funny little crooked things.’ I don’t mind though, I tease him too. After lunch I clear the table and set to work on my biscuits. While getting things out and putting things in order I like to take a glance or two out the kitchen windows.

My oldies love to feed the crows and whatever other birds may be about – unless of course it’s a seagull, then it’s no deal and you must do whatever it takes to get that horrible creature off their deck. I’ve never really been a bird watcher but with them coming so close to the house, one can’t be less then intrigued with these birds. While observing one lively fellow, I happened to notice a couple of seagulls hovering on a nearby telephone wire. The missus told about how she scared them away with her broom once, which worked really well she added. Just as I was about to knead my dough, two seagulls swooped down and began devouring everything in sight. Needless to say I took off like a shot, grabbed the mop on my way out and waved it about madly while shouting "BOOGA BOOGA!!" I totally freaked those old gussies out and probably the neighbours too!!

I finished my biscuits and tidied up the kitchen without having to do much more seagull patrol. The missus and I got the new light mattress on her bed and then I finished up my day with vacuuming their living room. Before heading out the door, the gentleman called for me from his office with a couple of little cleaning jobs to do.

And that my friends, is pretty much how it all goes down just hanging out with my oldies. I shop, I bake, I clean and occasionally I scare the snot out of seagulls! I am the envy of my friends!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm a WINNER!!!! Wooo Hoooo!

Can you believe it?!! My humble little blog has won an award!!! How totally awesome cool is that!! I'm near giddy with excitement over this!! When I began this blog it was merely with the intent to keep family and friends up to date with all things Sean. It never once crossed my mind that one day I might be a contender for an award. And yet here I am, not only a contender but also a winner!! I'd just like to thank you all for making this blog what it is today, for commenting or even just reading and walking away with a smile on your face! Thank you so very much...

I guess you may be wondering what this award is in aid of or where it's from and how did I get it...well ummm, I'd love to say it's from the ultra important bloggity blog award site but alas it isn't. It's ummm better!! Yeah, better. It's ahhh well it's called a Wilhelm Award and specifically my award is in the category of Best Shameless Plug. This award is hosted on a site called Dontmindme.com and ah the uh, giver of said award is none other than ah, my husband!! Cool, right?! Yeah, I just got an award from my husband!! Yippeeeeee! I feel so special and loved. An award is an award right?!! :)

And now for your viewing pleasure, my award!!!

Wilhelm Award Winner 2007

Hanging Out With Abby

It never ceases to amaze me just how excited Sean and Abby get to see each other. They both smile the biggest smiles in the world and then Abby moves in for a kiss while Sean, a bit more tentative with his PDAs goes with a hug. Ya gotta love watching these two carry on, they take each other's toys, sippy cups and whatever else might be on the go. They love to squeal and run up and down the hallways. Also, cutains are a source for endless pleasure along with blankets and tea towels. Just throw either of those over one or both of their heads and let the good times roll!

Sean has watched me bounce on the big exercise ball and here he is trying it out on his own little ball.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, besides I'm just too darn sweet to hate."

Just goofing around.

Totally Played Out!

Abby always had a different perspective of the world around her.

Breakfast with Daddy

I just thought this was pretty cute and wanted to share with you all!! Every morning when Marko has his breakfast Sean will stand right beside him waiting for his share of cereal. This morning sean decided it would be better to be on Daddy's lap to get more of the good stuff!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who Doth Love Thee, Sean?

The other day as Sean and I were playing on the couch, I asked him who loved him. I thought for sure I would get either Mommy or Daddy and possibly a long shot, Grammie. None of those did he pick and really I should have guessed. Me: (In all seriousness) "Who loves you Sean?" Sean: (In utter cuteness) "Aaahbeeee" Yep, so there we have it, no one loves Sean like Abby does. The two of them get so excited to see each other, it's hilarious! When I got Sean up from his nap I told him that someone was here to see him, he immediately lit right up and exclaimed,"Aaaahbeeee!" Then while they were playing Abby made quite a few goes of giving Sean lotsa kisses and Sean for his part gave her hugs! (he hasn't quite got the gist of how to kiss, he mostly just licks)

Sean loves the camera. He loves having his picture taken but he also likes to be on the other side, checking out all the angles of the shot and whatever happens to be the subject of said shot. Today I had the camera out and had been snapping a couple shots of Abby on the trampoline. Sean bustled right over, got up on my lap and peered in at the screen. He quietly whispered, "Aaahbeee, Aaaahbeee" I thought it was cute and so turned the camera around to get a shot of him. No sooner had I turned the thing around and Sean was near flipping out, "AAAAHBEEE, AAAAHBEEE!!" I quickly snapped a couple off, much to his chagrin. As soon as I turned back to Abby, Sean resumed his quiet little musings.

And as a final thought, how could Abby not love this gallant little gentleman. As Brian and Bonnie were leaving with Abby, Sean marched over to Bonnie's boots and held each one out for her to step into!! Obviously he is trying to rake in brownie points with his future Mother in law!! ;)
"I think it goes on something like this..."

"I am Little Miss Sneaky, if you don't look out I may just lay a big wet one on your cheek!!"

"Ain't I just the greatest?!"

"I simply must see Abby, show me Abby, Mommy!!"

Leaping Rings.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Boy is 14 Months Old!

Another day, another month older and he just gets cuter, if that's even possible!!

Today, while I was puttering around the house, Sean followed me about, didn't want to miss out on any good times! And you know how much fun there is to be had when you're separating recycling, doing laundry and vaccumming!

Anyhoo, on our travels Sean happened to spy my exercise ball and was all "Baa, Baa!!" So I pulled out the ball and we bounced on it, we tossed it around and Sean giggled with glee. Durning laundry folding time in our bedroom, Sean amused himself by climbing up on the coffee table and playing with a cassette tape and a seive. If he dropped one, he would scoot off the table, pick it up and then get back up on the table.

At supper time while Sean was munching away I was just making my way around the table when I stubbed my toe on one of the chair legs. I let out an "OOOWwwwwwwwwww!" and I told Sean that it hurt. He just kept munching away, so much for sympathy. Then when he was playing on the bed before bedtime he hurt himself and he let out the cutest little "Ooowwwww!" So super cute!

Our Cutie Bear!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Can Hardly Believe It!

It's Super Bowl Sunday (no, this isn't what I can hardly believe) and the Perics went to Malcolm's for a PAR-TAY! Sean loved investigating every last inch of Malcolm's place, he especially enjoyed the lovely curtains! (scroll down and check out his current curtain cuteness!)

Now let me back track for a moment. Before heading out to Malcolm's, we were puttering about getting things together when the phone rang. It was our friend Mike, asking Marko to bring his PS2 controllers. This is all fine and dandy until we get to the cabinet that we keep them in. It's locked. Normally, not a big problem, get key, use key, unlock cabinet-voila. This time, no key...this really hampers any possibility at opening the cabinet, not that I didn't try, I did. I tried using scissors. I tried using Marko's swiss army knife. I tried just willing it to open...Nothing! Right, so now I hunt for the key, I look high, I look low no stupid, er I mean copper coloured key. I head to the bedroom to look in the coffee table. (I know, what an odd place for a coffee table eh? But that's where we keep it, 'nough said) I open one drawer and start riffling through the junk and I come across this thin little paper encased in plastic, I turn it over in my hand and what did my wondering eyes see?! Sean's Birth Certificate!!! Hallelujah! I have been looking for this thing for nearly a year! I had it when we went to Ontario in May, but since then could not find it! What totally confounds me about this is that, I know that I have looked in this drawer before, like a gazillion times and never noticed it in there!! I let out a holler when I found it and came out to the kitchen nearly bubbling over with joy. I waved it at Marko, who had found what I was originaly searching for. I would say, that my find totally trumped his!! The funniest part is that I wandered around the apartment for like 5 minutes just trying to come up with a "real" safe place to put it.

Sean hiding in the curtains. Cutest little hand ever!


Well, Pin a Rose on His Nose!

IT finally happened!! The unthinkable has been thought, the undoable is now done, the once unheard of is now heard!! Yes folks, my son has finally found his very own nose!! I asked him just the other day where his nose is and would you believe my dear little lad poked two little fingers right up his nose?! Incredible and indescribably adorable, I know! I'm just swelling with pride here!! I even got a photo this morning for you to see for your own eyes!!

"And this is my nose!!"

Dance Baby Dance

Little Boogie Boy on Vimeo

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'll Love Him Forever

Of course, how could I not love this little fella?! I love waking up in the morning just to see his sweet little face peering over the edge of his crib. Our days are so full of fun and adventure as he discovers just how far his arms will reach and how fast his little legs will take him.

He led Daddy by his pinky finger to the toy box for some old fashioned fun this morning. Daddy and I have resorted to spelling the word bottle just to keep Sean from running to the fridge to get it (not that he can open the door). Another treat for Daddy today was when Sean found his own sneakers and tried to put them on Daddy's feet!!

Just about every time after supper and before I've had a chance to get him out of his highchair, Sean will pull off his socks excitedly in great anticipation of his bath. I'll tell him to head to the bathroom and off he trots and stops beside the tub. He raises his little arms to get his shirt off and steps out of his pants, then he's out of his diaper and into the tub. If I don't act quickly enough between getting the diaper off and getting Sean in the tub, he'll scamper off and shut the door. I guess he likes his privacy! After his bath and before his bottle we have some time to play on the bed. Sean likes to march in place and squeal and then come bounding over to me to pat my cheek. After awhile I'll decide it's time to settle and he'll nestle down in my lap and drink contendedly. I'll sing to him and pray with him and then it's off to bed. As busy a day as it has been, I still sometimes wish I could have Sean up and playing in the living room.
I just marvel at what a blessing this little boy really is!

The inspiration for the title of this post.

"What are you looking at?!"

"Check it out!!"

*Warning* If You're a Dude You May Not Want to Read This Post

There comes a time in every gal's month that they just need to shop for some particular items for a particular need (I'm trying to be as delicate as I can about this in case any manly men decided to keep reading.) And at like quarter to midnight I decided it was time to make my trek out there, plus we needed milk for Sean. Now living in Charlottetown, that means that all the main grocery stores have long since closed and you're pretty much left with Shoppers Drugmart. Fine, I'm cool with that, don't shop there often so upon entering I immediately start reading those super handy "what's down this aisle" signs. I decide to go with the one that includes Feminine Hygiene...whoa, was I ever wrong. Nope, don't need any Canesten today - thanks, but no thanks. So I'm stumped and it's nearly closing so I gawk up at the signs again and notice what I overlooked before...Feminine Paper. Seriously?! I figure, okay so I'd never think of it as paper but lets take a look down that aisle anyways. Sure enough, every colour of every brand a girl could ever want was down that aisle...thankfully. Still, I was a little amused by the whole idea of calling it feminine paper. I mean sure they call them pads, but honey, there's just no way that I'm gonna jot anyone a note on one of those puppies!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

You Can Pick Your Friends, You Can Pick Your Nose But You Really Shouldn't Pick Your Friends' Nose

Haven't we all heard that at least once in our lifetime? And I don't think truer words have been spoken. I mean there is just so much value in that saying. You choose your friends whether it be because they are fans of the same sports team, or they're smart or funny or just plain wacky. And really who doesn't like to go booger picking every once in awhile, eh?! But seriously, there is just so much wrong when you go looking in the wrong places for said boogers. In the first place it's just not hygenic, secondly you would totally weird out your friend and lastly your friend may just feel the tiniest bit violated...You may be wondering at this point just what my point may be, simply put, I have the bestest friends in the world. No, really I do. I mean when I wasn't feeling so great with that old cold, phone calls were made, prayers were said and I was totally feeling the love. Then I get this in my email this morning:

Can you believe it?!!! I mean sure cute kid, but what was the mother thinking when she slapped that jersey on him? Poor unsuspecting little lad. I near dropped out of my chair when I saw this, I thought the cold might attack me right then and there. I had to reason with myself to even begin to understand why my "friend" would send this picture. I mean she may as well have picked my nose, I felt so violated!! I came to the conclusion that obviously she had suffered from a mild mental lapse, certainly that was it. She meant well and that is just how I would have to take it, never mind the jersey...so hard...still struggling with this one!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Children Are Fun..

They're also blessings, energetic, enthusiastic, hilarious, lovable, cute as buttons, and smarter than you might think! And occasionly they can be a wee bit irksome (is that even a word?). It seems both Abby and Sean were determined to have noise, I mean music going non stop this afternoon...and the same music over and over again, I can still faintly hear Away in a Manger playing in the back of my mind...First Abby would press the magic button and then Sean would come over and he'd press it and should the tune finish, one of them would scoot over and press it again...it was lovely. Then came the squealing, this was a hoot. The two of them would just scamper up and down the apartment randomly squealing when they saw each other. But the funniest moment had to be when Abby suddenly seemed to lose her balance and started back peddling and madly trying to regain her balance, which she did. She regrouped and went tearing down the hallway only to take a few steps and then do a faceplant on the front mat. Fortunately Mommy and Daddy walked in at that point and any thoughts of pain were quickly wiped away with the warm embrace of her Daddy.

"Pardon, what was that? You'd like me to stop what? Sure I'll stop, but only when you bring me the raisins and my juice...oh and Sean wants cheerios, lots n' lots of cheerios!"

"Okay Sean, I'm gonna go play with the train, you be sure to press the button again when the music stops." "Sure Abby, I've got it covered!"