Monday, February 26, 2007

Abby's Back in Town!

Today was our first day having Abby back over for the afternoon. Both Sean and Abby were pretty happy to see the other. There was lots of hugs to go around. At first they would give each other different toys and then Sean had enough and when he saw Abby with his toy tv remote he walked over to her, all the while saying "no, no." At one point I had a toy on my lap that I thought Abby might like to play with so I called her to come over. Sean realizing what I was doing went over to her to take her hand and bring her to me...pretty sweet. They had a great time running up and down the hallways squealing and laughing. It was definetly great to have Abby back!

Some other fun tid bits about Sean: While we were over at Jennie's clebrating her Grammie's birthday, Steven happened to give Sean his keys to play with. Sean grabbed them gleefully (and thankfully didn't put them in his mouth) and headed right over to the door to try his luck at getting out!! How funny is that?!
Sean is getting into the whole kissing thing. I've gotten quite a few big wet ones so far and he's still into the licking thing.
And last but not least, Sean said Beppe yesterday. That may not mean much to you, but that's the name I use for my Grandmother. (it's Friesan) So if only you had gone with Beppe, Gramma Hope then ya might have gotten some bragging rights! ;)

Gettin' her game face on.

Just haging on the trampoline.

"Abby, I just want to hold you hand!"

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Bonnie said...

Too cute Laura. That's our babies.