Thursday, February 01, 2007

Children Are Fun..

They're also blessings, energetic, enthusiastic, hilarious, lovable, cute as buttons, and smarter than you might think! And occasionly they can be a wee bit irksome (is that even a word?). It seems both Abby and Sean were determined to have noise, I mean music going non stop this afternoon...and the same music over and over again, I can still faintly hear Away in a Manger playing in the back of my mind...First Abby would press the magic button and then Sean would come over and he'd press it and should the tune finish, one of them would scoot over and press it was lovely. Then came the squealing, this was a hoot. The two of them would just scamper up and down the apartment randomly squealing when they saw each other. But the funniest moment had to be when Abby suddenly seemed to lose her balance and started back peddling and madly trying to regain her balance, which she did. She regrouped and went tearing down the hallway only to take a few steps and then do a faceplant on the front mat. Fortunately Mommy and Daddy walked in at that point and any thoughts of pain were quickly wiped away with the warm embrace of her Daddy.

"Pardon, what was that? You'd like me to stop what? Sure I'll stop, but only when you bring me the raisins and my juice...oh and Sean wants cheerios, lots n' lots of cheerios!"

"Okay Sean, I'm gonna go play with the train, you be sure to press the button again when the music stops." "Sure Abby, I've got it covered!"

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