Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Final Victory and Numbness...

A bit of an odd title for a post but let me explain. First off I need to let you know that I have more than one mom. Yes, Marianna Hope is my real life mom and I love her very much. And Colleen Peric is my mother-in-law and I love her very much. But what you might not know is that I have a few adoptive Moms. Some great ladies that I've met over the years who for whatever reason became a mom to me for some part of my life. One of these wonderful ladies was Sharon Mullen.

When I came to PEI and began my life at UPEI and MCC she was there. She and her husband lived at the College. Her husband, Giles was a student there, learning to become a Minister in the Church of Christ. Sharon being the ever faithful wife that she is followed him and his dream to change people's lives. I remember the first time I met Sharon. I knew even then she was wonderful and that I had to get to know her. Thankfully she felt the same way about me! So much time I spent in her apartment at the College listening to stories, joking and laughing, playing games and drinking coffee.

I got a phone call tonight informing me that Sharon passed away today. That's where the numbness comes in. I don't know what to feel. In my mind it just doesn't compute. It's not supposed to be this way my brain tells me. She was here barely a month ago, I gave her so many hugs, we laughed some more and talked. She was my mom and I was her Hopey, she can't be gone...

That's where the final victory comes in, Sharon knows the Lord Jesus as her Saviour. "The final victory of our lives with God is that we will live forever with Jesus-- complete, whole and perfect--just as he created us to be." (The Knowing Jesus Study Bible, Zondervan Publishing, 1999. )

I love you Sharon and I miss you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, is this the man that married you and Marko ? I,m sure you will miss her terribly but how wonderful to know that she is with The Lord forever. Thank you for your love . I love you too.
Mom Peric