Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Seeing as there is about 30 minutes left of Valentine's day I thought I would slip my post in under the wire.

In the Peric household, we all got up and opened some presents. Nothing too outrageous. Marko got lots of chocolate sugary sweetness and Sean got his own little tambourine and I also got some much desired chocolate and a potted Chrysanthemum. Sean loves his tambourine! We played with it for awhile. He would wack away at it and I would dance around like an idiot and when he stopped wacking I'd freeze in place until he started up again. Sean found this most hilarious! I found it to be quite the little workout.

For supper I whipped up a big chicken dinner with all the fixings. Lots of stuffing, potatoes and carrots. Yum! We ate ourselves silly! After dinner we watched the movie Firewall. It was pretty good. Tonight, We're supposed to be getting quite the winter storm. So far the wind has picked up a bit but that's about it.

Oooh, Sean did the cutest thing today. We've been asking Sean what sounds different animals make and his responses for the most part were pretty minimal. But today when I asked him what sound a cow makes he made the cutest little "Mooooooo" sound! Super sweet. Then I asked him what sound the sheep makes, in almost a whisper he says, "baaaa." What a cutie.

It looks like Sean is cutting out his morning nap these days. I'm not so sure how happy I am about this milestone. I was enjoying my little breaks, if not to nap myself then to just have some quiet time. I may still put him in his crib with a few toys for half an hour or so just to help keep my sanity. I shouldn't complain though, he isn't crabby without the nap, if anything he's got more energy to burn off!

He looks mighty pleased about this one eh?

"Wacka, wacka, wacka."

"This is pretty cool."

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Mike said...

It seems that you had a great one.

Love the images.