Sunday, February 18, 2007

How Was Your Weekend?

We had a good quiet little weekend. Sean went to a different babysitter on Friday afternoon. He did quite well there. There was a little boy there who was only 6 months older and a little girl that was 3 years old. Sean enjoyed the company as did they. The little girl pretended to be Sean's mommy, making sure he was okay and generally looking out for him. The most amazing part (in my eyes anyways) was that he napped while he was there!! And for like an hour and a half! I could hardly believe it when the babysitter told me! Sean was happy to see me when I came to pick him up but he certainly wasn't done playing! He had been colouring when I showed up but then decided to find some cans of pop and shook them up for awhile :)

On Saturday, I worked with my oldies while Sean and Daddy had fun playing at home. We made a quick stop after work to pop in and say hello to the MacDonalds and to see how Abby was doing. She was down for a nap at the time but is doing quite well! Yay!

Sunday morning we headed out to church and had a lovely time. Sean played his little heart out in the nursery and at fellowship time he went from person to person looking for snacks! In the afternoon we all played in the living room with Sean's mega blocks. Sean has discovered the art of throwing things so this makes playing with anything a possibility for projectile war fare. Actually he isn't too bad, I'll tell him no and usually (and I use that term loosely) will stop.

"Just put the block down nicely and no one gets hurt, comprendez?!"

Up close and personal.

I know, I know, plastic bag on head not a good idea! Not to worry, we don't encourage suffocation in our house.

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mary e said...

Oh yes, throwing... so much fun.
Happy pancake day!