Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Can Hardly Believe It!

It's Super Bowl Sunday (no, this isn't what I can hardly believe) and the Perics went to Malcolm's for a PAR-TAY! Sean loved investigating every last inch of Malcolm's place, he especially enjoyed the lovely curtains! (scroll down and check out his current curtain cuteness!)

Now let me back track for a moment. Before heading out to Malcolm's, we were puttering about getting things together when the phone rang. It was our friend Mike, asking Marko to bring his PS2 controllers. This is all fine and dandy until we get to the cabinet that we keep them in. It's locked. Normally, not a big problem, get key, use key, unlock cabinet-voila. This time, no key...this really hampers any possibility at opening the cabinet, not that I didn't try, I did. I tried using scissors. I tried using Marko's swiss army knife. I tried just willing it to open...Nothing! Right, so now I hunt for the key, I look high, I look low no stupid, er I mean copper coloured key. I head to the bedroom to look in the coffee table. (I know, what an odd place for a coffee table eh? But that's where we keep it, 'nough said) I open one drawer and start riffling through the junk and I come across this thin little paper encased in plastic, I turn it over in my hand and what did my wondering eyes see?! Sean's Birth Certificate!!! Hallelujah! I have been looking for this thing for nearly a year! I had it when we went to Ontario in May, but since then could not find it! What totally confounds me about this is that, I know that I have looked in this drawer before, like a gazillion times and never noticed it in there!! I let out a holler when I found it and came out to the kitchen nearly bubbling over with joy. I waved it at Marko, who had found what I was originaly searching for. I would say, that my find totally trumped his!! The funniest part is that I wandered around the apartment for like 5 minutes just trying to come up with a "real" safe place to put it.

Sean hiding in the curtains. Cutest little hand ever!


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