Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'll Love Him Forever

Of course, how could I not love this little fella?! I love waking up in the morning just to see his sweet little face peering over the edge of his crib. Our days are so full of fun and adventure as he discovers just how far his arms will reach and how fast his little legs will take him.

He led Daddy by his pinky finger to the toy box for some old fashioned fun this morning. Daddy and I have resorted to spelling the word bottle just to keep Sean from running to the fridge to get it (not that he can open the door). Another treat for Daddy today was when Sean found his own sneakers and tried to put them on Daddy's feet!!

Just about every time after supper and before I've had a chance to get him out of his highchair, Sean will pull off his socks excitedly in great anticipation of his bath. I'll tell him to head to the bathroom and off he trots and stops beside the tub. He raises his little arms to get his shirt off and steps out of his pants, then he's out of his diaper and into the tub. If I don't act quickly enough between getting the diaper off and getting Sean in the tub, he'll scamper off and shut the door. I guess he likes his privacy! After his bath and before his bottle we have some time to play on the bed. Sean likes to march in place and squeal and then come bounding over to me to pat my cheek. After awhile I'll decide it's time to settle and he'll nestle down in my lap and drink contendedly. I'll sing to him and pray with him and then it's off to bed. As busy a day as it has been, I still sometimes wish I could have Sean up and playing in the living room.
I just marvel at what a blessing this little boy really is!

The inspiration for the title of this post.

"What are you looking at?!"

"Check it out!!"

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