Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm a WINNER!!!! Wooo Hoooo!

Can you believe it?!! My humble little blog has won an award!!! How totally awesome cool is that!! I'm near giddy with excitement over this!! When I began this blog it was merely with the intent to keep family and friends up to date with all things Sean. It never once crossed my mind that one day I might be a contender for an award. And yet here I am, not only a contender but also a winner!! I'd just like to thank you all for making this blog what it is today, for commenting or even just reading and walking away with a smile on your face! Thank you so very much...

I guess you may be wondering what this award is in aid of or where it's from and how did I get it...well ummm, I'd love to say it's from the ultra important bloggity blog award site but alas it isn't. It's ummm better!! Yeah, better. It's ahhh well it's called a Wilhelm Award and specifically my award is in the category of Best Shameless Plug. This award is hosted on a site called and ah the uh, giver of said award is none other than ah, my husband!! Cool, right?! Yeah, I just got an award from my husband!! Yippeeeeee! I feel so special and loved. An award is an award right?!! :)

And now for your viewing pleasure, my award!!!

Wilhelm Award Winner 2007

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Mike said...

It's still a win. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.