Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life and Times at the ER

Tuesday morning we woke up and Sean had his bottle. Pretty standard stuff. Then after his bottle he went over to his toys and then just stood there looking kinda glum. I sat back down on the couch and he came over whimpering. I picked him up and he promptly fell asleep on me. I figured that maybe he had just woken up too early and needed a bit more shut eye. So I moved us back to our bedroom and he slept with me there. This should have been my first clue that something was not right. Later in the morning I took his temperature and it was up to 38.5, a good time to administer some Tylenol.

Sean spent most of the morning on my lap sleeping or just cuddling. I checked his temp again and it came down a bit so I was happy about that. But still Sean wasn't interested in playing or eating. He did drink his bottles though. At around 4 I took his temp again and it had shot up to 39.4, not good. So I called the doctor's office, they were already closed. So I opted for the Sherwood Walk in clinic. It was to start at 5 pm I got there at 4:45 and the place was packed!! I mean people were waiting outside the door to get in. I wasn't about to wait in that so we went back home and Sean slept some more.

Marko came home around 6 and we decided to go to the ER. Sean was glassy eyed and whimpering but otherwise okay. We got in at about 6:15 and we got through triage pretty quickly. They took Sean's temp again and it was down to 38.6. I felt sorta silly at that point. Rethinking whether we should just go home or wait it out to see what the doctor would tell us.

We finally got in to see the doctor a little before 11! They took his temp again and it was up to 40.1!! We felt validated at this point for staying at the ER. They got advil and tylenol in him and asked us to wait an hour in the waiting room to see if the temp would go down. Thankfully at a little before 12 they took it and it had come down to 38.3!! Phew!

So now Sean has a cough and a runny nose. Nothing too bad but he had us going there for awhile. Today he was much better. He played with his toys and ate some food. While at the ER I managed to pick up a cold myself (never been one to leave a place empty handed)So things are fun here in the Peric household. Basically when Sean naps I nap and life is good!

Baby boy with his little sheep, seems like the sheep is lookin' for some tasty belly button lint to snack on.

Playing with his shape sorter.

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