Monday, February 12, 2007

A New Found Appreciation for Laundry Baskets and Yogurt!

I guess I could also add in that title exercise balls. All of the afore mentioned items have truely helped define Sean as a unique little guy. Sean is passionate about the exercise ball. Every morning after his bottle he slips off my lap and makes his way down the hallway, all the while exclaiming "Baah, Baah!" He knows where I keep it and waits for me to get it out for him so he can roll it around and occasionally have me bounce him up and down on it.

Then there's the laundry basket, when I got it I was quite pleased with how well it held all of our dirty laundry. I especially liked the groove in it so you can hang it on your hip while you push open doors and the like. And then Sean came along and it has become his favourite push around toy. My boy will push that thing all over the apartment for minutes on end!! Sometimes he'll even plop a couple toys in it and take them for a ride around the apartment!

This of course brings us to yogurt. Truth be told I've never had a new or old appreciation for yogurt. I know it's soooo good for you but I just don't like the stuff. The smell is a little daunting and the consistency?! Yuck! The closest I'll get to yogurt is the frozen stuff, I can convince myself that it's just like ice cream and slap a couple scoops in a bowl and eat it right up. Now, thankfully Sean is not like that. Sean on the other hand absolutely LOVES the stuff!! And that's not the best part either. The best part is that I can hide the food he doesn't like in it!! Like eggs and beef and pretty near anything else I can come up with! I love it! Since his yogurt has those lumpy bits of fruit in it, the added stuff just sorta gets lost in all the yogurty goodness!! Now there's a flavour of yogurt you don't often see: Beefy Blueberry or perhaps you'd like to try some Eggselent Strawberry Surprise?!

Sean's on the ball!

Just moving things around.

" I am Captain Sean Marius, of the Bucket Brigade! I Salute You!!"

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