Friday, February 23, 2007

On the Mend

Sean's fever is gone but a cough and runny nose linger behind. This hasn't slowed him down much. He still enjoys bouncing on his trampoline and climbing on whatever furniture he can. He's learned a couple new animal noises, he says "Wooos" for a dog and "Cock-a-cah" for a rooster. Pretty adorable stuff.

Today I just happened to get a glimpse of two new teeth emerging! There could be more but Sean won't let me investigate too much without taking a bite out of my finger. So if there are others I'm sure they'll come through just fine without me poking my fingers in Sean's mouth.

Taking a sip out of my apple juice. Actually I figured that he would want some so I put the straw in there for him. Much easier than trying to give it to him straight from the cup.

"I love this straw Mommy, now could I use my hand and scoop some juice out?!"

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