Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Playdate with Melissa and Menita

Today Sean and I spent a lovely afternoon with Melissa and Menita. Melissa and I are friends from when I went to M.C.C. (Maritime Christian College) and Menita is her beautiful and nearly 2 year old daughter. When we arrived Menita was down for her nap so Sean ran over and helped himself to her toys. Meanwhile, Melissa gave me a tour of their lovely home. Just before we sat down with our coffees Menita woke up and joined in on the fun. At first she wasn't quite sure what to think of Sean. The two of them have only seen each other every Tuesday morning in the nursery during our women's bible study at church. But it didn't take too long and the two of them were laughing and squealing between the curtains at the window. I'd say that the sweetest point was when they got their hug bug on. Sean leaned in and Menita wrapped her arms around him. Ultra adorable.

Caught in the act!

Hanging at the window.

Isn't she a sweetie?! She's wearing Sean's touque. Menita, our little homey.

Big Hugs!!

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Bonnie said...

HEY, what's the deal?? Abby's Sean is getting a little too friendly with an older woman. Look at that, Abby is away for a little while and already someone is moving in on her territory. What will I say to Abby??