Saturday, February 03, 2007

*Warning* If You're a Dude You May Not Want to Read This Post

There comes a time in every gal's month that they just need to shop for some particular items for a particular need (I'm trying to be as delicate as I can about this in case any manly men decided to keep reading.) And at like quarter to midnight I decided it was time to make my trek out there, plus we needed milk for Sean. Now living in Charlottetown, that means that all the main grocery stores have long since closed and you're pretty much left with Shoppers Drugmart. Fine, I'm cool with that, don't shop there often so upon entering I immediately start reading those super handy "what's down this aisle" signs. I decide to go with the one that includes Feminine Hygiene...whoa, was I ever wrong. Nope, don't need any Canesten today - thanks, but no thanks. So I'm stumped and it's nearly closing so I gawk up at the signs again and notice what I overlooked before...Feminine Paper. Seriously?! I figure, okay so I'd never think of it as paper but lets take a look down that aisle anyways. Sure enough, every colour of every brand a girl could ever want was down that aisle...thankfully. Still, I was a little amused by the whole idea of calling it feminine paper. I mean sure they call them pads, but honey, there's just no way that I'm gonna jot anyone a note on one of those puppies!!


CrysLeigh said...

When my sister was little she asked our mom what they were. She said they were 'big bandaides'. Would that be better than 'feminine paper'? (It also led to my sister asking for one when she cut herself...)

Anonymous said...

You're lucky that now there is something open that time of night. I was caught 30 yrs ago on a Sunday night with nothing. My roommate was one of those lucky chicks who didn't have periods so what to do !!. I cut up an old pair of P.J.'s and used strips of cloth,just like our foremothers did. Not an experience I'd like to repeat but it gave me a new appreciation of "feminine paper" and I made sure I was never without again. If you ever hear the slang term "ragging" or "on the rag" this is the derivation of this word. I dislike this slang and tend to wince when I hear it used.I am woman hear me roar Bernie

Laura said...

Hey Crystal, I think I remember you telling me that before,too funny. Your poor sister.

Bernie, wow what an experience! I am so glad that they've come so far in feminine products to be sure!! Yikes!