Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who Doth Love Thee, Sean?

The other day as Sean and I were playing on the couch, I asked him who loved him. I thought for sure I would get either Mommy or Daddy and possibly a long shot, Grammie. None of those did he pick and really I should have guessed. Me: (In all seriousness) "Who loves you Sean?" Sean: (In utter cuteness) "Aaahbeeee" Yep, so there we have it, no one loves Sean like Abby does. The two of them get so excited to see each other, it's hilarious! When I got Sean up from his nap I told him that someone was here to see him, he immediately lit right up and exclaimed,"Aaaahbeeee!" Then while they were playing Abby made quite a few goes of giving Sean lotsa kisses and Sean for his part gave her hugs! (he hasn't quite got the gist of how to kiss, he mostly just licks)

Sean loves the camera. He loves having his picture taken but he also likes to be on the other side, checking out all the angles of the shot and whatever happens to be the subject of said shot. Today I had the camera out and had been snapping a couple shots of Abby on the trampoline. Sean bustled right over, got up on my lap and peered in at the screen. He quietly whispered, "Aaahbeee, Aaaahbeee" I thought it was cute and so turned the camera around to get a shot of him. No sooner had I turned the thing around and Sean was near flipping out, "AAAAHBEEE, AAAAHBEEE!!" I quickly snapped a couple off, much to his chagrin. As soon as I turned back to Abby, Sean resumed his quiet little musings.

And as a final thought, how could Abby not love this gallant little gentleman. As Brian and Bonnie were leaving with Abby, Sean marched over to Bonnie's boots and held each one out for her to step into!! Obviously he is trying to rake in brownie points with his future Mother in law!! ;)
"I think it goes on something like this..."

"I am Little Miss Sneaky, if you don't look out I may just lay a big wet one on your cheek!!"

"Ain't I just the greatest?!"

"I simply must see Abby, show me Abby, Mommy!!"

Leaping Rings.

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