Saturday, February 10, 2007

Working with My Oldies

No, I’m not talking about my classic rock collection. I’m talking about my work. I affectionately call the elderly couple (who are well into their 80s) that I work for my "oldies." I don’t say it to be mean, its more endearing than anything else. I just love them to bits and look forward to my four hours on Friday and my next four hours on Saturday doing errands for them.

I thought I might just give you a sort of glimpse of what I do (besides looking after my ever so active son). I bring you then; a typical day with my oldies.

On Saturdays I arrive around 10 am. If it snowed the night before or in the early morning, I take the time to shovel their walk before going in the house. Upon entering their home, I kick off my boots and bound up their stairs with a cheery hello. The gentleman of the house is usually sitting in his recliner reading the paper. He’ll look up from his paper and say hello and thank me for shovelling the walk. The missus is usually sitting on the couch sipping her morning tea. I make my way into the kitchen to see what might need to be done. Sometimes there are dishes to be put away or the dishwasher to empty. Today I emptied the dishwasher and then got the chicken prepped and in the oven for supper that evening.

The missus usually joins me in the kitchen to give me sort of a run down of what we would be doing for the day. Today there was some shopping to do, biscuits to be made, some tidying up to do and a mattress to change. But before heading out the door it was time for a cup of tea and a biscuit (they love their tea and biscuits!). So we all sat in the living room and sipped our tea and munched our biscuits. I love these times of sitting and chatting with them. They have so many stories to tell. I’ve heard about TB, medical operations they’ve been through, renting cottages, owning their own business and much more. My personal favourite story was about a neighbour who went blueberry picking and after filling two buckets with blueberries decided to whip off her bloomers and fill them too!!

After tea time, she and I head out. We hit a couple different grocery stores, a bakery and the bank. It’s noon by the time we get back. We joke about staying out all afternoon and letting the gentleman take care of himself. *snicker* We pop in the door with our purchases and proceed to get lunch on the table. Of course at lunch there is more tea and usually a biscuit or two about. The gentleman loves, I mean LOVES to make fun of my biscuits! For whatever reason, my biscuits tend to sorta lean over instead of being straight up and down. He refers to them as ‘those funny little crooked things.’ I don’t mind though, I tease him too. After lunch I clear the table and set to work on my biscuits. While getting things out and putting things in order I like to take a glance or two out the kitchen windows.

My oldies love to feed the crows and whatever other birds may be about – unless of course it’s a seagull, then it’s no deal and you must do whatever it takes to get that horrible creature off their deck. I’ve never really been a bird watcher but with them coming so close to the house, one can’t be less then intrigued with these birds. While observing one lively fellow, I happened to notice a couple of seagulls hovering on a nearby telephone wire. The missus told about how she scared them away with her broom once, which worked really well she added. Just as I was about to knead my dough, two seagulls swooped down and began devouring everything in sight. Needless to say I took off like a shot, grabbed the mop on my way out and waved it about madly while shouting "BOOGA BOOGA!!" I totally freaked those old gussies out and probably the neighbours too!!

I finished my biscuits and tidied up the kitchen without having to do much more seagull patrol. The missus and I got the new light mattress on her bed and then I finished up my day with vacuuming their living room. Before heading out the door, the gentleman called for me from his office with a couple of little cleaning jobs to do.

And that my friends, is pretty much how it all goes down just hanging out with my oldies. I shop, I bake, I clean and occasionally I scare the snot out of seagulls! I am the envy of my friends!

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