Friday, February 02, 2007

You Can Pick Your Friends, You Can Pick Your Nose But You Really Shouldn't Pick Your Friends' Nose

Haven't we all heard that at least once in our lifetime? And I don't think truer words have been spoken. I mean there is just so much value in that saying. You choose your friends whether it be because they are fans of the same sports team, or they're smart or funny or just plain wacky. And really who doesn't like to go booger picking every once in awhile, eh?! But seriously, there is just so much wrong when you go looking in the wrong places for said boogers. In the first place it's just not hygenic, secondly you would totally weird out your friend and lastly your friend may just feel the tiniest bit violated...You may be wondering at this point just what my point may be, simply put, I have the bestest friends in the world. No, really I do. I mean when I wasn't feeling so great with that old cold, phone calls were made, prayers were said and I was totally feeling the love. Then I get this in my email this morning:

Can you believe it?!!! I mean sure cute kid, but what was the mother thinking when she slapped that jersey on him? Poor unsuspecting little lad. I near dropped out of my chair when I saw this, I thought the cold might attack me right then and there. I had to reason with myself to even begin to understand why my "friend" would send this picture. I mean she may as well have picked my nose, I felt so violated!! I came to the conclusion that obviously she had suffered from a mild mental lapse, certainly that was it. She meant well and that is just how I would have to take it, never mind the hard...still struggling with this one!


mary e said...

Oh, poor muffin!! I'll send you over some chicken soup right now, make you feel all better.

But thanks for putting the pic up. Ain't he grand (jersey'll live!)?

Laura said...

Hey Mary! Can't wait to get that chicken soup, should be good and ripe by the time it gets here from the UK!! *LOL* You have a very sweet little boy, love the expression. I'll try to overlook the jersey! :)