Friday, March 30, 2007


Since I confessed on her blog, I feel I ought to confess here as well. I am a lurker. I go to many-a-blog and just read without commenting. Not because the blog isn't worth commenting on but mostly because I'm lazy. But today I turned over a new leaf, I'm going to attempt to comment on some of my favourite blogs.

One such blog is Boomama and I just love it! As you might have guessed its a Mommy blog but the blog isn't just about parenting or her own son (who is oh so adorable) she talks about all kinds of stuff, like American Idol, her beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs and much more. Her writing is wonderful, light-hearted and oh so funny! Simply a must see and link!! Check it out here

Just don't take as long as I did to link to her! :)

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