Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Everyone Poops

Have you ever read that book? Everyone Poops, I hadn't until tonight. Marko, Sean and I went to dinner at a friend's place, we had hardly been there 10 minutes when their daughter pops out of her bedroom waving the book around. She came to me and asked me to read it. It is quite the informative book! Learned all kinds of great stuff about all kinds of poop, just the kind of stuff you'd like to read before dinner! Too funny! In other news, Sean tried (and I use that term loosely) to poop in his potty. He sat on it and got this look of great concentration on his face, let out a couple of good grunts and then jumped up off the pot with glee.

Yesterday Jennie came over for a visit. As she walked in I asked Sean if he could say hi to Jennie and he so sweetly, waved his arm and said, "Hi Nennie." We were both pretty thrilled with that. While Jennie was here Sean was treated to many horsey rides, which he wanted to do again and again and again, and he got to play peek-a-boo with Jennie.

"I see you, Jennie!"

"I love horsey rides!"

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Mike said...

I should look up that book. Sounds interesting.

Great WW picture, btw.