Sunday, March 04, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Our plan: Leave Thursday come home late Friday...
Our reality: Leave Thursday get home late afternoon Sunday!!

Jennie, Natalie and I packed up the car and made it to my folks place for late Thursday night. It was great to visit with my family if only for a little while. We headed out at 9 Friday morning. We had great weather pretty much until we hit Weymouth, then it started to snow. It wasn't anything too bad so we still thought we would be able to go in and still out run the storm. We were wrong. We met Sharon's mom going in the church and she was pretty glad to see us and called us "Sharon's Girls." There were quite a few people there and we weren't entirely sure what to do with ourselves. We talked with some friends for awhile who happened to offer their home to us should we decide to stay. Then we talked with Giles, that was hard. I gave him a hug and cried. He asked us who we were staying with, and we sorta told him that we thought we would try to outrun the storm. He and our good friend Merle told us right then and there we would not be leaving Digby county that night. (Good thing too, it was pretty messy out there!)

After working out where we would stay, we made our way to the front of the church to see Sharon. This was also one of the hardest things I've ever done and it was so surreal. Any time I've seen Sharon she's always been breathing but this time, she wasn't. My mind tried to fool me into thinking that I saw her breathe even though I knew it wasn't true. Pretty hard to come to grips with this. Finally after some reflection we made our way to the back of the church. The afternoon wake ended at 4 and we followed our host to her house. She didn't live that far away thankfully, the roads were treacherous enough even that far. She graciously welcomed us into her home, made us some supper and showed us to her beautiful living room. We gobbled down our dinners and watched some t.v. She had to return to the church for the evening wake while we stayed put. It was incredibly windy that night, so much so that it knocked the satellite off line. We were bushed anyways so we wandered off to bed at 9 o'clock.

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day! You would hardly think it had been so dirty the night before. At this point there was no way we would be able to make it back to PEI for work so we decided to stay for the funeral. I'm very glad we did stay. We were warned to go to the church early to get a place since there was at least a hundred seats reserved for family. As soon as we pulled in, Sharon's oldest son came out to meet us. He came out to personally invite us to sit with the family for the funeral. I was so humbled and honoured. He said that it was the right thing to do as we were a part of Sharon's family. I don't think I've ever experienced a sweeter gesture.

The funeral itself was beautiful. I was touched by the words spoken in Sharon's memory, the songs sung about her glorious reward, and the message of God's love for each one of us. Emotionally I was a mess but ever so thankful to be there to say "See you later" to such a very dear friend or as I thought of her, a "second mother."

Afterwards we met up with good friends of ours who invited us out to eat. I was thankful for the distraction. We sat down to eat and talk and laugh. We caught up on old times while making a sweet memory amid a painful one. We came back to the church to say good bye to Giles and the family. Giles is strong and knows the hard road he faces, he misses his wife dearly but knows for certain that she is in a better place.

We didn't leave Weymouth till after 6 which put us in Halifax around 9. We, being the vagabonds that we were by this point, decided that we didn't want our little adventure to end just yet. So we called my good friend Sarah and crashed at her place for the night! She was so ecstatic to see us! We talked and laughed and finally fell into bed a little past 11.

In the morning we decided we would surprise Natalie's sister and show up at her church! We called her just to be sure of which church and at what time. She was very happy to have Natalie there. We enjoyed the service and the fellowship time afterwards. We put a fairly good dent on the eats and then made our way back to the car. We made it back to Charlottetown a little after 4. It's so good to be home. I missed my baby boy and my handsome hubby!!

There was lots of wildlife to see around the place we stayed in Digby county.

Mr. Squirrel

Neat eh?!

From left to right: Natalie, Sarah, Me and Jennie

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Mike Thomas said...

Glad you all made it safely back. Sorry for the loss of your friend.