Monday, March 12, 2007

Hot Stove

In case you're wondering, no, this is not a segment shown on Hockey Night in Canada where some overpaid nincompoops discuss what is or is not happening in all things hockey. Sorry, if you think the people that discuss such things aren't nincompoops but I just cannot stand watching Hot Stove...Coach's Corner on the other hand...well that's a completely different story!

No, this is about my stove and its hotness...well not so much it but one particular burner and the pot that sat upon it. I was cookin' up some veggies when Sean came over and was all about investigating what was happening on the stove top. I stepped in and told him no and that it was hot. He looked up at me, then the stove, pointed his finger at it and said "hot." "Right, that's hot, Sean." He seemed fine with that and went back to playing. Later on during his supper I asked him if he could say hot. So he says hot and again points his finger at the stove. I was pretty impressed but then I may be just a tiny bit biased. Also I'm not sure if he really realizes what hot means, but hey it's kinda cool that he associates the word hot with the stove.

Abby was over today much to Sean's delight. The two of them played with the toys and enjoyed some cheerios and water. The cute part about the cheerios and the water is that Abby gave one of her cheerios to Sean and when I say gave it, I mean fed it to him. Then Sean thought it would be equally nice to get Abby's sippy cup of water, bring it to her and hold it for her while she took a sip or two. Pretty sweet stuff.

Mr. MegaBlock Man!

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