Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Potty Time!!

Yeah, so Sean and I were out for a jaunt and just happened to pick up a potty (and a very cute plaid shirt). I'm totally thrilled with the potty. As far as potties go this one is pretty slick. It has handles, sits on the floor, but later can attach to your toilet and it comes with steps. But the very ultimate best part was that it only cost 10 bucks!! They normally sell for a little over 30 at Walmart. Woohoo for bargains! Now don't get me wrong here, I don't expect that Sean is going to be all potty trained any time soon. He does like the potty though, everytime we're in the bathroom he'll pop up the lid and then try to stick his foot in the pot..too funny.

Sean is trying out new words all the time. Recently he's picked up saying home. Normally as I drive him home from Abby's, I'll tell him that we're going home and he'll repeat the word home a few times. Just the other day he and I were out for a stroll and as we came up the road to the house, Sean stuck out his little hand and exclaimed, "home, home."

Special reading time with Bonnie and Abby.

Just rockin' it out to some hard rock nursery rhymes.

The beat is on!

All packed up and ready to go.

Perhaps that was one chocolate chip cookie too many.

I love my little sweetie pie.

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Stephanie (Shire) said...

These latest pictures are the cutest yet! I love the 'rockin' one. You can tell that the little guy has such a personality - - not that I'd expect anything less of a child of yours!! :)