Monday, March 26, 2007

Phew! What a Week!

Sorry about the lack of posts this last week, but Sean and I were pretty busy. I was asked to be a volunteer for March Break Out. Basically I was an adult leader of a group of about 25 kids and youth leaders for a week of VBS fun!! It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work keeping everyone pumped up and yet organized. While I was doing that Sean hung out at the nursery where he made quick friends with another little boy whose name is Josh. Apparently they had a great time playing peek-a-boo together. Friday was the biggest rush as after VBS was over I had to go pick up Sean, run him over to Brian and Bonnie's and then rush back in town to go to work for my oldies. I have to tell you that I couldn't ask for a better babysitter for Sean! Bonnie had lunch ready not only for Sean but me too!! I was astonished and ever so thankful, I had planned on just blitzing right to work without stopping to eat. And for desert I got a homemade smoothie which was absolutely scrumptious!

So now we're back to our more laidback pace of life which I'm ever so thankful for. The apartment is in quite a state of full out messiness so now I can tackle that and keep the dust bunnies at bay.

Sean is still is ever cute self, he's charmed the gals at our church nursery, they're positive that he's got to be just about the smiliest baby ever. He continues to try out new words. The cutest one to date, I'd say is the way he says "turtle" it sounds more like "turdoo." So funny!

"Gimme more crackers!"

"Hmmm, I guess these aren't half bad!"

"Whaddya mean that was the last cracker?!"

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