Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Would You Like a "May-dough" For Your "Hupper?"

At this point you're probably wondering what on earth is a may-dough and since when did you ever have a hupper?! Well, it's like this in Sean's little world a may-dough is a tomato and hupper is supper. Kinda cute eh?? Also, in Sean's ever expanding vocabulary is the word hockey!! I am one proud Momma over that one. Now if only I can get him to say that his favourite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs!

At bath time Sean was so super sweet and funny. After getting all undressed he got excited and started calling for his Daddy. He ran out to the hallway pointing his fingers all cowboy style calling "Daddy, Daddy!!" Then he the hallway...on the mat...My boy did me proud. Daddy didn't get home until I was just about to tuck Sean into bed. Sean was very happy to have Daddy kiss him goodnight and help tuck him into bed.

Isn't this just too adorable?!

"I'm gonna get you!!"

Such a little cutie pie.

Playing with his Monster Truck.

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Mike Thomas said...

Toronto Maple Leafs? Why would you want to teach your child these bad words as such a young and impressionable age???