Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh How I Love to Shop...

No, not really. I must confess that I'm just not that into the whole shopping thing. I don't really enjoy the atmosphere of the mall nor do I enjoy going through racks of clothing. I do enjoy finding a really good bargain though. For me to really get the most out of a shopping experience I have to have a clear idea of exactly what I want, then I need to go through flyers and what not to see which store has it and at what price. I have gone on many shopping experiences with my friends and no doubt they would agree that I have walked in looked around and walked out with nary a bag of anything to show for my time. I'm not much of an impulse buyer...

Speaking of impulses and shopping and ohhh so fun times. Sean and I went to the Dollarstore today. We walked in, all hand in hand, Sean grinning like an idiot and me smiling down at my preciously sweet little boy...oh how I love him and how could I ever imagine life without this little darling lad. *gush* We walked up this aisle and down that one until we walked up the aisle of shampoo, and that dear friends and family was when Sean got his freak on.

Not in a bad way, he wasn't screaming or crying or throwing a fit on the floor...Nope, my boy was squealing with delight. Absolute, unadulterated joy was eminating out of this little boy. He squealed louder that I have ever heard anyone squeal anything. I stopped in my tracks to see what was so exciting to elicit such a response. As it would happen, apparently bottle upon bottle of shampoo makes my boy absolutely giddy with excitement. He ran right over to those unsuspecting bottles and began the onslaught. He was whipping those things clear off the shelf, sending them crashing to the floor. Thankfully they were all plastic bottles so the ruckus was merely a dull roar. I quickly dropped to my knees to pick up the flailing bottles but just as quickly as I would get them up there, Sean would pull them down, giggling wildly all the while. It didn't help that I couldn't stop laughing either. Finally I did manage to get ahead of his spinning arms and we were able to compose ourselves and hold our heads high as we walked out of the store.

Marvelous leg extension!

Time to go play ball.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Explanation Video

M&M Spin on Vimeo

What A Fun Weekend!

Good times were had by all this weekend!! Friday night was a girls night out for Tammy, Karen, Jennie and I! The reason for the night out was it was Tammy's birthday. We kicked the night off with a wonderfully delicious meal at the Swiss (that is the Swiss Chalet) and ohhhh it was just so scrumm yummy that I had to have the double leg meal instead of just the quarter chicken. We ate well and laughed a lot!

The birthday girl.."Yeah supper is nice but ya better have some good gifts for me..."

Karen had the spicy chicken...Consider yourself warned, it will make your head morph!

After supper we went and stood in the parking lot trying to come up with a plan of action. Should we just go back to Karen's place for games or should we try something a little more daring? We went for daring and decided to go to Dooly's for some pool. Oh my word, we had a crazy hilarious time. We partnered off, me and Tammy against Karen and Jennie. None of us are pool sharks so it wasn't like either team was stacked. During the first game, Tammy and I were doing a pretty fine job of sinking all our balls, we were just down to the 8 ball. No sweat, I've got this one...then I scratched...ARGHH. 1 for team Karen and Jennie. Next game and again Tammy and I sunk all our balls and it was time to sink the 8 ball, this time Tammy had the honour of scratching. Team K&J: 2, Team T&L a big 0! Game three everything is going our way and again we're about to sink the 8 ball and would you believe I scratched yet again!!! So of course Tammy and I have to redeem ourselves so we go to game 4. This game was definetly different. We finally sank the 8 ball without scratching...too bad we didn't sink the rest of our balls first!! So if you've been following, that leaves us with a big ol' goose-egg while Jennie and Karen run off with victory! As my husband would say, Tammy and I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

Do you like my crown?!

After pool it was time to head to Karen's for cake, pepsi and games! We were all impressed when Karen presented each of us with our own 750 of Pepsi!! Karen tried to add some class by bringing out some glasses but by this time we all had one open and were happily chugging away. Ahhh, nothing quite like liquid life! And then there was cake, cake that I was too full to eat but cake all the same.

Blowing out the candles...As if you couldn't guess.

Karen really likes the sharp knives...

Whaddya think? Cool eh? I have a video I'll post that should help to explain this.

After we had the cake we settled on playing some Pictionary. Finally Tammy and I were able to take the lead and hold right to the very end. By this time it was after midnight and definetly time for all of us to head home. I had such a great time. Jennie and I were still giggling as we headed out to the car, we couldn't stop. It was the kinda crazy giddy laughing that ya just can't stop! It was great.

Time to go home.

While last night was a great night for just the gals, tonight was fun with a mixed group. We had Mike and Nancy, Nick, and Jennie over. We chatted for awhile and then got into the excitement of some Pit! After each action packed round we usually pull out the munchies and scarf some down before getting back to the game. Tonight we had pretzels.

This is Mike, and well he's just kinda special. You know the kind where they wear clothing with their name embroidered on it and they're only safe playing with spoons?..Yeah that's Mike. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Time to Play Outside!

The past couple of days when Abby has been over, we've had the wonderful opportunity to actualy go outside to play! While Sean was all Mr. Adventurer, Abby was happier just to hang with me and promenade about the yard...pretty cute. They both seemed to be pretty happy to be outside for awhile.

Sean up on the deck.

Abby getting ready to try out some ball.

A brave attempt at hand holding...couldn't quite work out the logistics of whose fingers should go where.

"Okay Abby, let's play ball!"

Hmmm, don't think it's quite warm enough to pull the pool out just yet.

Catch the Bus

Gotta catch the bus on Vimeo

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just a Little Update

Sean has taken some new steps towards potty training. He still likes to pretend to poop in the potty but he also is taking some intiative. He'll call out "poo, poo," then grab either Marko or I and take us to the bathroom where he'll pretend to poop, stand up wave at the potty and say "Bye poo, bye." He honestly did seem to try to poop in the potty this evening after his bath, he called poop and we put him on the pot and nothing, so I sat him down again, nothing and once more, nothing. So I said, "well if you were going to poop I think you would have done it by now." And with that I scooped him up in his towel and took him to the bedroom. While we stopped to admire our reflection in our full length mirror, Sean farted a couple times. Hmmm, sounded a little wet, I thought. Plunk him down on the change table and sure enough poop in the towel...Arghhhh! Better luck next time lets hope! For Sean and the towel's sake!

Sean loves to eat breakfast with his Daddy. And when I say eat breakfast with, I don't mean sit in his highchair and eat his food while Daddy eats his own. No, for Sean the best way to enjoy breakfast is to make himself comfortable on Daddy's lap and pick out the cheerios from Daddy's bowl of cereal. Today he attempted to use Daddy's spoon but only got a mouthful of milk. Also in the area of eating, Sean is trying his hand at coming up with his own delectable food combinations. For lunch on Saturday he decided to make some soup. The ingredients included, water, one chunk of pineapple, and one and a half Triscut crackers....Mmmmm, yummy!

Lastly, in my list of all things Sean, is his current fun filled activity of walking around the apartment with a blanket over his head! Before he would just stand in one spot and play peek-a-boo with us, but now Sean upped the excitement factor by attempting to navigate around his toys and our furniture while completely covered by the blanket.

"I'm an airplane, Daddy!"

"Weeee, look at me Mommy!"

Mmmmm, yummy delicious tropical soup in a cup!

Walking the boardwalk.

Ya gotta love warm weather to get little legs moving!

Daddy and Sean getting their groove on.

Sean riding one of his toy cars.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm a Be-Leafer

In case the last post had you thinking that I may have given up on my beloved team, do not fret. They're still my team! I just felt that with a team that has the history that the Leafs do, a fan needs to have a good sense of humour and be able to laugh like the little one in the video. GO LEAFS GO....ummm next year...

Now back to the important Sean. This boy just continues to amaze me. Today he managed to lift/drag his trampoline into the kitchen and back into the living room.

He also attempted his first climb of our bookshelf...thankfully he didn't get too far.

Sean understands that the best way to get a booger out of his nose is to blow it... he just hasn't quite grasped the necessity of using a kleenex.

He LOVES cars. Whenever we go out he points to all the cars "cah, cah, cah" he'll say as they pass by. For his birthday my sister got him a TML car. At the time he wasn't too impressed and so I just left it up in the window sill. Now whenever we' pass by it Sean would point to it and call for it. So today for kicks I took it off the stand and let him play with it. He was ecstatic! He played with it for ages. He loved just opening and closing the doors and the hood and trunk.

One happy boy with his car.

Just tinkering.

Leafs Win Cup

Had this sent to me today and since I'm such a good sport, thought I'd post it and share it with you.

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jump Around

Well, I guess all that work of bouncing on the trampoline (and sometimes our bed...and the couch) has finally paid off. Sean is all about the jumping up and down all on his own. He doesn't get much height but he's having a great time!

Today we went to Grace Baptist Church to see our friend Malcolm get baptised. It was kinda weird for me, since when I first came to the Island that was the church I went to, so there were a lot of people I knew. There were also a few of my old students there. One fella in particular was also getting baptised. I couldn't believe how much he had changed since I taught him! Anyhoo, Sean did great in the new to him nursery. When I came to pick him up the ladies there were all impressed with how happy a child he is. That's my boy, little Mr. Happy Pants. When I walked in the room he was happily staring out the window, waving at all the people going by.

After church we and our friends went to the Swiss for some yummmy chicken! Sean loved all the people and had a great time up until he filled his diaper...and his pants and it even travelled up his shirt (I know probably way too much information!) Thankfully I had packed extra clothes for him so it was a quick switcheroo. It's been awhile since he's had such a full diaper, guess we should ration his fruit intake!

With lunch out of the way we went home to catch up on some napping time! Ahhh, nothing quite as nice as a quiet Sunday afternoon nap. Sean woke up from his nap quite upset and it didn't seem like anything we did would help calm him. We took him to our bed and cuddled with him but he still cried. Marko brought him his juice but he wasn't interested. So I checked his gums and I think the little lad may be cutting two molars. He only has one so far. Marko grabbed some Tylenol and within minutes we went from a very sad boy, to a quiet cuddly boy, to it is time to get PLAYING PEOPLE boy!

"Hugs, Please!"

Friday, April 13, 2007

What a Guy!

Yesterday, when it was still spring on the Island, Sean and I went for a walk on the boardwalk. It was glorious! Sean had a wonderful time sitting in his stroller and pointing at all the puppy dogs that went by. Later, I let him out of his confining stroller and let him loose on the boardwalk. He couldn't have been happier. Right away he got down to the business of welcoming everyone to the boardwalk. He walked right up to an elderly couple and shook their hands and said "hi." So sweet! He loved how he could get quite up close and personal with the puppies too. I know, we really need to get our little boy a little dog of his very own and maybe someday we will. While we were walking we met a little girl and her mommy and Sean said "hi" and I told him that she was a little girl and so he says, "gooh." He sure is trying to figure this whole talking thing out.

This morning Sean and I read his Easter story book. As you can imagine Jesus' name comes up quite a bit. And at one point after saying Jesus, Sean said it too! It was so cute!

Another cute story for you, this morning Sean had a poopy diaper and as I was cleaning him up I mentioned that one day he will poop in his potty and not need to have his diaper changed. After I had him changed and back in his pants, he took off to the bathroom door where he insisted I let him in so I did. He promptly walked over to his potty, lifted the lid and pretended to poop! This is just too funny!

On the boardwalk.

It's Monster Truck Time.


Our sweetie pie. How can you not love this face?!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mr. Guy Smiley

If there is one thing I know for sure about Sean its that he LOVES to smile! He'll smile at pretty much everyone. Today while I was at Bible study and Sean was downstairs having snack he got his McHappy on. I guess the rest of the kids had finished with their snack and were off playing but Sean was happy to just sit at the table smiling away and singing to himself. I wish I had been there to see that!

Sean is also an avid Potty Pretender. I haven't really done anything in the way of potty training. Just have his potty in the bathroom. But whenever I go in he'll come with me and I'll ask him if he needs to poop. So he'll lift the lid sit down, grunt a few times, get up and close the lid! I let him wash his hands too. I'd say that's his favourite part since he likes to play with the faucets. As for the real nitty gritty potty training stuff, I'm thinking I'll hold off on that for awhile yet.

Meal times are getting much more interesting these days. Sean seems quite keen on getting things done by himself. Now when I'm feeding him from a spoon, he'll let me fill it then he'll take the spoon and get it to his mouth by himself. I'm a little nervous about this as I can just see him deciding to fling the contents of the spoon on the floor instead! Sean is also no longer having his milk in a bottle. He has his milk in his special sippy cup. This cup has a flexible straw instead of a spout which he really seems to enjoy. This little milestone has been a pretty hard one for me. I loved snuggling up with him and just enjoying his sweetness and now that part is done. I take extra care now to enjoy our story times and any other times he might want to just snuggle with his Mommy. He's become quite the little hugger lately and not just with Abby. He'll come up behind Marko and I and give one or both of our legs a big ol' hug.
The Run-away-smile.

The I love to paint smile.

The I love hanging out with Jennie smile.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...Bah Humbug!

Easter time in the Maritimes on Vimeo

Easter at Our House

This morning we were supposed to get up and get dressed and head out for church and afterwards return home, have lunch and do up a little Easter egg hunt for Sean. The weather has pretty much put a kibosh to anyone going anywhere today. So we stayed in and had a pretty relaxed morning. We still did up Sean's first real Easter egg hunt and it was a lot of fun. I have a video to post to show you the lovely winter wonderland that is Easter in the Maritimes!

Sean's Easter treats.

Hunting for the not so well hidden Easter eggs.

The thrill of victory!

"Pickin' up eggs and puttin' em in my basket."

"I love these little chocolate eggs!!"

Pretty nice haul for a little guy.

Our little artist.

"Ya, I love the chocolate Mommy, can I have some more?!"

"Hmmm, this one appears to be empty, must be a glitch in the matrix..."

"Score!! I found another one!"

Happy Easter

Friday, April 06, 2007

Our Boy is the Ripe Old Age of 16 Months

Can you believe it?! Sean's latest claim to fame is looking older than he is. Most people peg him as being 22 months or older.

So how did we celebrate this milestone? Marko stayed home from work (he wasn't feeling well, which I didn't know at the time) while Sean and I went with friends of ours over to Moncton! It was a blast. Carolyn and her girls and Sean and I went to as many second hand stores as we could find! Oh and the baragains we found were fantastic. I got a pair of Tommy jeans for 4 bucks (still had the tag on them) and a cute sweater for myself. I also got two super sweet dress shirts for Sean. Sean did really well for this long day trip. There was a moment of distress when he woke up from his nap in the van and had a minor melt down. I would probably be pretty freaked out too if I woke up in a strange van. Thankfully, Carolyn's little girl had no problem at all with turning Sean's little frown upside down. The two of them spent the rest of the trip laughing and carrying-on. I would definetly do this again!

Check this out, where did the time go?
Sean at 3 months...

Sean today...Wow! I almost cried when I looked at these two pictures!

Yes, he's wearing one of the super sweet dress shirts..Doesn't he look great in green?

Right into the gadgets and gizmos...Just like his Daddy!