Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jump Around

Well, I guess all that work of bouncing on the trampoline (and sometimes our bed...and the couch) has finally paid off. Sean is all about the jumping up and down all on his own. He doesn't get much height but he's having a great time!

Today we went to Grace Baptist Church to see our friend Malcolm get baptised. It was kinda weird for me, since when I first came to the Island that was the church I went to, so there were a lot of people I knew. There were also a few of my old students there. One fella in particular was also getting baptised. I couldn't believe how much he had changed since I taught him! Anyhoo, Sean did great in the new to him nursery. When I came to pick him up the ladies there were all impressed with how happy a child he is. That's my boy, little Mr. Happy Pants. When I walked in the room he was happily staring out the window, waving at all the people going by.

After church we and our friends went to the Swiss for some yummmy chicken! Sean loved all the people and had a great time up until he filled his diaper...and his pants and it even travelled up his shirt (I know probably way too much information!) Thankfully I had packed extra clothes for him so it was a quick switcheroo. It's been awhile since he's had such a full diaper, guess we should ration his fruit intake!

With lunch out of the way we went home to catch up on some napping time! Ahhh, nothing quite as nice as a quiet Sunday afternoon nap. Sean woke up from his nap quite upset and it didn't seem like anything we did would help calm him. We took him to our bed and cuddled with him but he still cried. Marko brought him his juice but he wasn't interested. So I checked his gums and I think the little lad may be cutting two molars. He only has one so far. Marko grabbed some Tylenol and within minutes we went from a very sad boy, to a quiet cuddly boy, to it is time to get PLAYING PEOPLE boy!

"Hugs, Please!"

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