Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mr. Guy Smiley

If there is one thing I know for sure about Sean its that he LOVES to smile! He'll smile at pretty much everyone. Today while I was at Bible study and Sean was downstairs having snack he got his McHappy on. I guess the rest of the kids had finished with their snack and were off playing but Sean was happy to just sit at the table smiling away and singing to himself. I wish I had been there to see that!

Sean is also an avid Potty Pretender. I haven't really done anything in the way of potty training. Just have his potty in the bathroom. But whenever I go in he'll come with me and I'll ask him if he needs to poop. So he'll lift the lid sit down, grunt a few times, get up and close the lid! I let him wash his hands too. I'd say that's his favourite part since he likes to play with the faucets. As for the real nitty gritty potty training stuff, I'm thinking I'll hold off on that for awhile yet.

Meal times are getting much more interesting these days. Sean seems quite keen on getting things done by himself. Now when I'm feeding him from a spoon, he'll let me fill it then he'll take the spoon and get it to his mouth by himself. I'm a little nervous about this as I can just see him deciding to fling the contents of the spoon on the floor instead! Sean is also no longer having his milk in a bottle. He has his milk in his special sippy cup. This cup has a flexible straw instead of a spout which he really seems to enjoy. This little milestone has been a pretty hard one for me. I loved snuggling up with him and just enjoying his sweetness and now that part is done. I take extra care now to enjoy our story times and any other times he might want to just snuggle with his Mommy. He's become quite the little hugger lately and not just with Abby. He'll come up behind Marko and I and give one or both of our legs a big ol' hug.
The Run-away-smile.

The I love to paint smile.

The I love hanging out with Jennie smile.


Sarah said...

and what a beautiful smile it is!

Sarah said...
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