Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh How I Love to Shop...

No, not really. I must confess that I'm just not that into the whole shopping thing. I don't really enjoy the atmosphere of the mall nor do I enjoy going through racks of clothing. I do enjoy finding a really good bargain though. For me to really get the most out of a shopping experience I have to have a clear idea of exactly what I want, then I need to go through flyers and what not to see which store has it and at what price. I have gone on many shopping experiences with my friends and no doubt they would agree that I have walked in looked around and walked out with nary a bag of anything to show for my time. I'm not much of an impulse buyer...

Speaking of impulses and shopping and ohhh so fun times. Sean and I went to the Dollarstore today. We walked in, all hand in hand, Sean grinning like an idiot and me smiling down at my preciously sweet little boy...oh how I love him and how could I ever imagine life without this little darling lad. *gush* We walked up this aisle and down that one until we walked up the aisle of shampoo, and that dear friends and family was when Sean got his freak on.

Not in a bad way, he wasn't screaming or crying or throwing a fit on the floor...Nope, my boy was squealing with delight. Absolute, unadulterated joy was eminating out of this little boy. He squealed louder that I have ever heard anyone squeal anything. I stopped in my tracks to see what was so exciting to elicit such a response. As it would happen, apparently bottle upon bottle of shampoo makes my boy absolutely giddy with excitement. He ran right over to those unsuspecting bottles and began the onslaught. He was whipping those things clear off the shelf, sending them crashing to the floor. Thankfully they were all plastic bottles so the ruckus was merely a dull roar. I quickly dropped to my knees to pick up the flailing bottles but just as quickly as I would get them up there, Sean would pull them down, giggling wildly all the while. It didn't help that I couldn't stop laughing either. Finally I did manage to get ahead of his spinning arms and we were able to compose ourselves and hold our heads high as we walked out of the store.

Marvelous leg extension!

Time to go play ball.

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Anonymous said...

What fun with shampoo !!!, maybe it reminded him of bath time. I remember Marko being so excited and jumping for joy after he had emptied all the baby powder and the clothes he could get a hold of into Linda's crib with her.He was a bit older probably just over 2.
Grammie Peric