Friday, April 06, 2007

Our Boy is the Ripe Old Age of 16 Months

Can you believe it?! Sean's latest claim to fame is looking older than he is. Most people peg him as being 22 months or older.

So how did we celebrate this milestone? Marko stayed home from work (he wasn't feeling well, which I didn't know at the time) while Sean and I went with friends of ours over to Moncton! It was a blast. Carolyn and her girls and Sean and I went to as many second hand stores as we could find! Oh and the baragains we found were fantastic. I got a pair of Tommy jeans for 4 bucks (still had the tag on them) and a cute sweater for myself. I also got two super sweet dress shirts for Sean. Sean did really well for this long day trip. There was a moment of distress when he woke up from his nap in the van and had a minor melt down. I would probably be pretty freaked out too if I woke up in a strange van. Thankfully, Carolyn's little girl had no problem at all with turning Sean's little frown upside down. The two of them spent the rest of the trip laughing and carrying-on. I would definetly do this again!

Check this out, where did the time go?
Sean at 3 months...

Sean today...Wow! I almost cried when I looked at these two pictures!

Yes, he's wearing one of the super sweet dress shirts..Doesn't he look great in green?

Right into the gadgets and gizmos...Just like his Daddy!

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