Saturday, April 28, 2007

What A Fun Weekend!

Good times were had by all this weekend!! Friday night was a girls night out for Tammy, Karen, Jennie and I! The reason for the night out was it was Tammy's birthday. We kicked the night off with a wonderfully delicious meal at the Swiss (that is the Swiss Chalet) and ohhhh it was just so scrumm yummy that I had to have the double leg meal instead of just the quarter chicken. We ate well and laughed a lot!

The birthday girl.."Yeah supper is nice but ya better have some good gifts for me..."

Karen had the spicy chicken...Consider yourself warned, it will make your head morph!

After supper we went and stood in the parking lot trying to come up with a plan of action. Should we just go back to Karen's place for games or should we try something a little more daring? We went for daring and decided to go to Dooly's for some pool. Oh my word, we had a crazy hilarious time. We partnered off, me and Tammy against Karen and Jennie. None of us are pool sharks so it wasn't like either team was stacked. During the first game, Tammy and I were doing a pretty fine job of sinking all our balls, we were just down to the 8 ball. No sweat, I've got this one...then I scratched...ARGHH. 1 for team Karen and Jennie. Next game and again Tammy and I sunk all our balls and it was time to sink the 8 ball, this time Tammy had the honour of scratching. Team K&J: 2, Team T&L a big 0! Game three everything is going our way and again we're about to sink the 8 ball and would you believe I scratched yet again!!! So of course Tammy and I have to redeem ourselves so we go to game 4. This game was definetly different. We finally sank the 8 ball without scratching...too bad we didn't sink the rest of our balls first!! So if you've been following, that leaves us with a big ol' goose-egg while Jennie and Karen run off with victory! As my husband would say, Tammy and I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

Do you like my crown?!

After pool it was time to head to Karen's for cake, pepsi and games! We were all impressed when Karen presented each of us with our own 750 of Pepsi!! Karen tried to add some class by bringing out some glasses but by this time we all had one open and were happily chugging away. Ahhh, nothing quite like liquid life! And then there was cake, cake that I was too full to eat but cake all the same.

Blowing out the candles...As if you couldn't guess.

Karen really likes the sharp knives...

Whaddya think? Cool eh? I have a video I'll post that should help to explain this.

After we had the cake we settled on playing some Pictionary. Finally Tammy and I were able to take the lead and hold right to the very end. By this time it was after midnight and definetly time for all of us to head home. I had such a great time. Jennie and I were still giggling as we headed out to the car, we couldn't stop. It was the kinda crazy giddy laughing that ya just can't stop! It was great.

Time to go home.

While last night was a great night for just the gals, tonight was fun with a mixed group. We had Mike and Nancy, Nick, and Jennie over. We chatted for awhile and then got into the excitement of some Pit! After each action packed round we usually pull out the munchies and scarf some down before getting back to the game. Tonight we had pretzels.

This is Mike, and well he's just kinda special. You know the kind where they wear clothing with their name embroidered on it and they're only safe playing with spoons?..Yeah that's Mike. :)

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Mike Thomas said...

Never have I had a more accurate description of myself so succinctly put. Thank you Laura! :)