Friday, April 13, 2007

What a Guy!

Yesterday, when it was still spring on the Island, Sean and I went for a walk on the boardwalk. It was glorious! Sean had a wonderful time sitting in his stroller and pointing at all the puppy dogs that went by. Later, I let him out of his confining stroller and let him loose on the boardwalk. He couldn't have been happier. Right away he got down to the business of welcoming everyone to the boardwalk. He walked right up to an elderly couple and shook their hands and said "hi." So sweet! He loved how he could get quite up close and personal with the puppies too. I know, we really need to get our little boy a little dog of his very own and maybe someday we will. While we were walking we met a little girl and her mommy and Sean said "hi" and I told him that she was a little girl and so he says, "gooh." He sure is trying to figure this whole talking thing out.

This morning Sean and I read his Easter story book. As you can imagine Jesus' name comes up quite a bit. And at one point after saying Jesus, Sean said it too! It was so cute!

Another cute story for you, this morning Sean had a poopy diaper and as I was cleaning him up I mentioned that one day he will poop in his potty and not need to have his diaper changed. After I had him changed and back in his pants, he took off to the bathroom door where he insisted I let him in so I did. He promptly walked over to his potty, lifted the lid and pretended to poop! This is just too funny!

On the boardwalk.

It's Monster Truck Time.


Our sweetie pie. How can you not love this face?!

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