Sunday, April 01, 2007

What Will He Be When He Grows Up?

With so many possibilities before him, here is just a smattering of his budding abilities...

Perhaps he is interested in being a world famous this point just working with imaginary ingredients.

Or a world renowned artist? I've tried colouring with him before with limited success...he was more interested in eating the crayons. This time was much better..although he did manage to take a good bite out of the red crayon. Also as much as he may have enjoyed "colouring" he also got a big kick out of sorting the crayons into piles on his tray.

Or could he be a famous writer? His personal fav's at this time are Nursery Rhymes.

Or maybe an awesome architect. Boy loves his blocks!

I would be happy with any of the above or really pretty much whatever he decides to do.

In other news Sean is now bathing himself...well almost. He has this great toy he got from his Grammie Peric and Auntie Linda. It's a shower head type thing that you suction cup to your tub and it has a button to press to spray the water. We had had it on the side of the tub and Sean was okay with it but then tonight I decided to put it on the floor of the tub. And well, this is what happened:

He also loves to press it with his foot!

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Mike said...

Great pictures.

Like you, I like my 4-year old to be whatever he wants to be -- except for one. I don't want him to be a blogger.