Thursday, May 31, 2007

We're on Our Way

Marko and I are just putting together some last little bits before we head to Moncton for the weekend. There is a conference called Ancient Paths that we are going to. Marko's mom and sister have both gone and have been encouraging us to go. So here we are pretty near all packed up and ready to go. Sean will spending a whirlwind of a weekend with the MacDonald's. They had a very busy weekend ahead of them but now they have the extra excitement of having Sean tag along! Please keep them in your prayers!! Oh and keep us in your prayers too please!!

Some parting shots:

Caught in the act.

Our little party animal.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's My Potty and I'll Poo if I Wanna...

It's true, it's true! Our little lad pooed in his potty today! So exciting! Lately he has been saying poopy just before he poops and this time I took him at his word. We sauntered down to the bathroom, sat him on the pot and voila, poopy! Sean seemed pretty pleased too. He seemed the most interested when it came to flushing, he waved and said "bye, bye," to his poopy. Let's hope we can keep this up.

Today was a fun day for words as well. Sean is adding so many new words to his vocabulary almost every day. Today he came out with raccoon which sounds more like waccoon and macaroni which sounds more like roni. He got the racoon from one of his favourite books called Home Sweet Home. And we had macaroni for supper.

I think one of Sean's favourite things to do on the weekend is to eat his Daddy's breakfast with him. Marko will be sitting down to eat and Sean will come over and ask to be picked up. Marko will set him on his lap and the two of them make the absolute cutest picture (I wish I had one for you but the battery was dead at the time) Sometimes Sean will take the spoon and attempt to scoop up some cheerios but mostly they just ended up somewhere on his face rather than in his mouth. Still pretty cute though.

"I love playing with my Daddy!"

"Ummm, Mommy this isn't Pepsi!!"

Deep in Thought.

Another favourite: having me spin around in circles while holding him. He loves it, absolutely loves it!!

"So you come by here often?"

Monday, May 28, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

Woo Hoo, my first tag everyone! You may be asking yourself what a tag is at this point. It's just when someone decides that you too should join in the fun of filling out a meme. This time it was Mike from Brannigan's Law who invited me to my first ever Meme!! Enjoy:

What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 Years ago, I had finished my second year at Mt. Allison University. I was half way through my Arts Degree, I majored in Geography and minored in Classics. That summer I worked with one of my profs on a cultural geography project.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
I was beginning to understand what it meant to be a full time mommy to my adorable little son.

Five snacks you enjoy:

1. Hickory Sticks
2. Kit Kat bar
3. Strawberry Shortcake
4. Homemade popcorn
5. Chips

Five songs that you know all the lyrics:

1. The Wheels on the Bus
2. Amazing Grace
3. Where Are You Going Little Bird
4. Horsey, Horsey
5. Big Fish by FFH....Wow only one real song that I know the lyrics to.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1. Pay off all of our debts. Mostly student loan stuff...yuck
2. Pay off my parents debts.
3. Invest it for Sean’s future
4. Buy a house that has an in-law suite so that my Mother-in-Law and Sister-In-Law could come live with us during the summers.
5. Invest in the lives of missionaries.

Five bad habits:

1. Not reading my Bible every day.
2. Spending way too much time on the internet.
3. Worrying too much about what other people think
4. Letting little things bother me.
5. Not telling my friends and family how much I love them often enough.

Five things you like doing:
1. Blogging about Sean
2. Knitting
3. Playing Pit (I actually have a real set now!!!!)
4. Reading
5. Spending time with my family.

Five things you would never wear again:
1. Stirup pants...ughh
2. Jelly shoes.
3. Saftey pinned at the cuffs jeans.
4. Neon coloured anything
5. My wedding dress.

Five favorite toys:
1. Camera
2. Casio Keyboard
3. Sometimes my sewing machine
4. My compy
5. My aggressive Fiji Blue Honda Civic

Stupid Movies I like:

1. Zoolander
2. Anchorman
3. UHF
4. The Wedding Singer
5.Princess Bride

If you've never done a meme and would like to now consider yourself tagged!! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yeah, so ever have one of those days where you're just left thinking this can't be happening?! Yeah, that was my today. Before I get into too much detail lets just go through a brief list of all the things I had to look forward to today:
1. Playing with Sean
2. Making sticky buns for the Baby shower at church this evening
3. Having Abby over.
4. Wrapping gift for said shower.
5. Going to said shower.

So the list isn't all that extensive or daunting upon first glance, now let me fill in the blanks. The playing with Sean went exceptionally well, really it was the highlight of the day. If only I had realised it then.

Next lets hop to having Abby over for that was when things got interesting! I put her down for a nap and continued with making the sticky buns. I do the dough up in my bread maker and while that was on the go, I had some lunch which consisted of a couple soft boiled eggs and some toast. I would just like to say here that the toast wasn't burning, nor were the eggs, nor the dough in the bread maker. But for some insane reason the smoke detector felt that something was amiss and proceeded to make a noise that I thought would surely wake the dead! I ran over and frantically waved a dish towel at it to get it to stop. And it did, miraculously Abby did not stir or even make a peep. Relief. Just to be safe I popped open the living room window just to keep things cool.

Once Abby was up from her nap, I took the two kiddos out to play ball in the side yard. I decided to play there, that way I could see the street should Brian and Bonnie come for Abby. We didn't see them, but we did see the landlord pull up, unload some stuff and take off again. After a while both Sean and Abby got tired of the balls and wanted to go the neighbour's yard. I felt that this was a good time to go back inside. I herded them to the door and turned the knob, only it didn't turn, it stayed exactly in it's spot. I tried again and even once more. I could not, would not believe that I had been locked out of the house with two toddlers and no keys in my pockets! I realised then, that the landlord (aka Gerry or to Sean, Dewy) must have locked the door when he unloaded his car. So now what?!! It was then that I remembered my sister in law telling me last summer how she popped out one of our window screens and then climbed through the window into the apartment. Well, if it worked for her surely I could do the same. Should be a little more interesting what with the little ones to get through too.

I popped the screen and pushed the window open as far as it would go. This procedure completely entralled Sean and he was happy just to touch the window and peer inside. Abby on the other hand seemed to want to visit the neighbours. I kept a hold of Abby's hand and managed to push myself through our window and down onto the chair below. Once I was balanced I pulled Abby through and then Sean. Both of them thought coming through the window was amazing! Sean thought it was such fun that as soon as he was on the floor, he was clamouring to get back up on the chair and be lifted out the window!!

I was very thankful to be back in the apartment! Okay lets zip forward a bit to the whole lets get ready for the shower bit. I got the sticky buns done without a hitch and I got dressed without too much fuss either. Then I went to wrap the gift. Too bad I couldn't remember where I put the thing! I was sure I had left it on the spare bed but nope. I looked in my trunk, in the closet, the desk, the bookshelf, everywhere but... nothing! The gift had vanished, I was not a very happy camper by this point. I never did find the gift and I seriously contemplated not going. Marko being the wise husband that he is, encouraged me to go, that I probably needed the time to just go and be social. I'm so glad he did as I did have a very enjoyable time.

So there it is my day in a nutshell. These are pics from yesterday:

I think this has got to be Abby's favourite place in our apartment!

"Hmmm, I think I can just squeese in here Abby."

Monday, May 21, 2007

Everyone's a Critic...

Okay, so I know I'm not a world famous chef or even a local famous chef, but I really think I've come a long way in my culinary abilities since I moved out of my folks place. Well, it seems I have more to do to improve meal time tastiness. Tonight I had some yummmy bite size pieces of homemade hamburger for Sean to try. Upon his first bite he gave a sour look (not unusual) and pulled the offending bit of beef out of his mouth. He looked down at the beef and then back up at me with those big blue eyes of his and said..."Poopy?" and then with confidence, "POOPY!" I couldn't help it, I laughed! Poor Sean, to think that his Mommy would actually try and feed him poop.

In other meal time news, after saying grace at lunch Sean let out his own little Amen! Then later he just grabbed my hand, looked down at his plate, let out a little gibberish and ended with his "Amen!" And looked up with big smiles!

My Sweetie Boy.

Mmmmm, yummy, yummy basketball.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Long Weekend Everybody

I hope you're all enjoying the long weekend. Although Marko doesn't have tomorrow off we have made the most of this weekend. It's been kind of a date weekend for us. We went out Friday night and Sunday ourselves. Can you believe it?! Friday night we went out for some Chinese buffet which was oh so yummmy! I kept feeling like I should be wiping something up or picking something up off the floor or just smiling at Sean most of the time. Once we finally realized it was just us and that it was okay we enjoyed the time to ourselves and our lemon chicken!

This evening we went to the movies! Yee Haw! I think the last movie we saw in the theatre was Pirates of the Carribean 2. Tonight we saw Shrek 3. I loved it!! It was so funny and great and so funny!! Definetly a two thumbs up from me. Our lovely landlord and his wife looked after Sean for us both nights. It's pretty easy for them since he's already in bed and we just take the monitor up to them. They get to stay in the comfort of their own home and listen to our sweet slumbering son.

Speaking of the landlord, his name is Gerry. He's great, he built the house himself and is an all round handy kind of guy. Recently I asked him about putting another shelf in our walk in closet and he was more than happy to put that up. He came down to do the measurements and Sean came bounding up to him and pointing and saying, "Dewy, Dewy!" Hmmm, guess that's his version of Gerry. Even when he sees their car now he'll say Dewy. It's so cute.

Oh, and another highlight of this weekend, is that I won one of the other contests I entered!! Weeee! I won a book!

"Mmmm I love cookies!"

"Mommy, you make gooooood cookies!"

Sean on his new to us trike. He even knows where to put his feet.

"The trike is nice Mommy, but this is definetly more my speed!"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

All Manner of Things

Okay, so let's begin with the neighbours. I know so much more now about their comings and goings because of Sean. Sean has an intense fascination with all things vehicle, be it a bus, a car, a van or a truck; dude wants to talk/see/touch it. This comes into play with our neighbours since our bedroom window looks out onto their driveway. Anytime that we are in our bedroom, Sean will start calling out "cah, cah!"and madly pointing at the window. Sometimes he's also been known to get the idea into his head while playing out in the living room so, he'll grab you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. Essentially what he wants you to do, is help him up onto the window sill so he can have a better view of our neighbours cars. Fun, fun, fun.

Today Abby was over and right away decided she'd like to play with Sean's sit-on train. At firs Sean was okay with that but soon he wanted to play with it too. By times they were both quite vocal about how much they wanted to play with it. I would have to say Sean put up the bigger fuss. Can anyone say temper tantrum?! We finally found some middle ground that they both could agree on. One would get on and I'd push them back and forth for awhile and then the other one got a turn. This brought a lot more smiles!

Not quite sure what's up with Sean in this one.

"Oh yeah, I'm taking this thing all the way to Stratford Baby!"

After the train rides the kiddos took a break and sat down with cups of front of the stove of all places!!

Finally, I am trilled to report that Sean had some salmon salad sandwich this evening and really enjoyed it!! YAY!! He even asked for more!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fun and Adventure

Yes, yes, yes, today was full of fun and adventure! Our first bit of fun was this:

What? You don't find a box of fruity cherrios to be just about the best fun to have out there?! Let me assure you it is one of life's many fun things. Here are my reasons why...

Firstly, it made Sean this happy:

"Mommy, these fruity cheerios rock my world!!"

Secondly, I won this box of cheerios.
Thirdly, this box of delicious cheerios came in the mail.
Fourthly, it didn't just come in the mail, it was Fed-Exed people!! Boo Ya! That's right I had to sign for my box of delicious, delicous fruit like cheerios.

As for how I won this box of cereal, I entered a contest in the Mother's Day Giveaway on 5 minutes for Mom. The thought occurred to me that you lose 100% of the contests you don't enter! So get out there and enter your name in stuff and just see how much free stuff you can rack up. I'm presently in two more contests, we'll see how those pan out later.

Now, onto the rest of our exciting day. After Sean had consumed a great many of those sweet tasting o's, I got him some real lunch. As he was getting through that, Jennie came in and it was game over. Jennie is just too much of a distraction for Sean to ignore. We decided to head to Tim's to try out their new wraps. In my humble opinon, I think they're alright. Ya don't get a whole lot for the $4.65 you spend on them but they do taste good. (I had the chicken salad wrap)

After our lunch we were off to a friend's place to pick up a trike for Sean. Just as we were pulling up we noticed an elderly gentleman walking on the sidewalk, carrying what looked to be a globe. Odd, we thought but, hey stranger things have happened...for instance, like what happened next. As we got out of the car, he started talking to us. Telling us how it isn't every day you get to walk with the world in your hands. (have truer words ever been spoken?!) By this point I had Sean out of the car and Mr. Oldie was on his way over. I wondered if he was going to ask for change...He didn't, instead he gave me a twoonie for candy money for Sean!! Crazy! Then he tells me how he found the globe in someone's garbage and did I think it was wrong for him to take it? (hey, mister, my parents dumpster dive so you're asking the wrong gal!) From there he got to telling me about his dad, cussing and how when he was younger, if he had found the globe then, he wouldn't only have taken it but also would have set what was left on fire!

Our friends were out of their house by this point and brought out the trike for Sean to try out. It's a little big for him yet, but they had another toy that's just the right size for him now. I have to give them both a good cleaning before he can get too busy with them but he seemed quite pleased with the new additions just the same.

Our next stop was the mall if only to let Sean walk off some of his excess energy. The boy walked the entire length of the mall and back again. But we stopped for this photo op:

Just driving the car.

Our next adventure was to go to Tea Hill Park. Unfortunately it was closed. So we went back in town to a local park that Jennie and I used to live close to. I always like to put my purse in the trunk whenever I go to a public place like this so I mentioned this to Jennie and she popped the trunk and we threw our purses inside and shut the trunk. And then it was too late. Only then Jennie realized that all three sets of her keys were in her purse, so was her cell phone. Also you can't pop the trunk without the key in the ignition. And what else can you do but laugh at this point?!! As my oldie would say, may as well laugh about it as cry about it! Luckily Jennie's sister works close by and just happens to have a set of Jennie's car keys. So off we went to the seniors' home that her sister works at.

Ann was surprised to see us but not so surprised to learn of our predicament. Seems we have a bit of a history of doing oddball kinda things like this. She gave Jennie the keys to her car and Jennie's car so that (now try to stay with me here, this may get a bit complicated) Jennie could drive down, leave Ann's car, bring Jennie's back up (it has the car seat), we pile in, drive back, Jennie jumps out of her car and into Ann's and I jump into the driver seat and we head back up to the home, drop Ann's car and then back to the park we go! What fun!! While Jennie went for the car, Sean and I were taken to the dining hall where we met a few of the residents and had some delicious cake and grape juice! On our way out we met the Lieutenant Governor, although we didn't know it at the time. We couldn't have planned this little excursion any better if we had tried!!

This was on our way up to the home. Sean was getting a little weary of all the walking by this point.

At the park Sean enjoyed going down the twisty slide with Jennie and I, and playing on the swing. Don't have any pictures of the slide but here's some great swing shots.

Go For It!!

"This is AWESOME!!"

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time to Create

Sean and I were pretty busy today. We started by doing some serious cleaning in the living room. Sean has a little puzzle with like five pieces to it and they all went M.I.A so I knew it was time to move the couches and get at all the dust bunnies and whatever else might be behind them. And lo, there was much to recover, several books, some blocks, all the puzzle pieces but one as well there were some of the scariest dust bunnies known to man back there! As I pulled toys out Sean got busy playing with them, it was kinda like a second Christmas for him.

Next we went to the spare room which is my catch all kinda room. It doesn't take long for the bed to get piled high with stuff. We puttered about until I found the adapter for my electric keyboard. I pulled it out and plugged it in to see if it would still work. It did, and Sean was indeed interested in trying this new fangled thing out. As seen here:

Just tickling the ivories, he looks pretty tickled himself.

With cleaning and rearranging out of the way it was time to sit down and get some colouring done. I must say this time has been the best yet. When I put the crayons down before him, he didn't instantly try to pop one in his mouth! He set right to work with scribbling with each different crayon. He did taste a couple colours but no bites were taken!

"Please stop the music, can't you see I'm trying to create a masterpiece here?!"

I just look at this picture and think, wow, where has my little baby boy gone? He's getting to be such a big boy now!

Thank you, Grammie Peric for your phone call. It was very much appreciated! I don't think I've ever seen Sean lean into the phone for a kiss before! Also, we got everything taken care of and are looking forward to the conference. Thank-you again!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

What a Great Mother's Day!

It has been a wonderful day to be a mother, especially to be the mother of my sweet little boy. After church we went out to lunch, to the ever hot spot, Wendy's by the bridge. I love their mandarin chicken salad! Sean happens to really enjoy the mandarins! With lunch tucked away in our bellies we headed home for a family nap. Once we were up from our nap, Marko had Sean bring out my present to me. I got a tripod for the camera! YAY! Sean was okay with the tripod itself ,but had the most fun trying to stuff some of his toys into the box it came in.
Mother's day dinner was to be a roast, so I popped it in the oven and we headed out for a Sunday drive. Sean tried some of the roast but wasn't too keen on it. He did enjoy the carrots though. Sean was super cute at bath time, I was sudsing Sean's hair and he was sitting still and I said thank you and then he said it back but more like, hunk-you. He's been sayin please a.k.a. peas for awhile so this is big for us. He may throw his toys around the room but at least he'll be polite about it!

And so that was my Mother's Day in a nutshell. I thought I'd go back and tell you a bit more about Friday night at Tammy's. I went with Jennie and Karen was meeting us there. The reason for the get together was to have a video chat with our friend Junko (pronounced June-ko) who lives in Japan. Oh my word!! What fun! It was so good to talk to her again and have her show us her apartment and what is outside of her apartment! It was neat to see and hear Japan without leaving PEI. I'd love to go there someday. After our video chat we just sat around and swigged Pepsi (well most of us did, Karen being all healthy brought V8 Splash). We also went through some of Tammy's stuff that she had in her computer room. The most interesting find of the night was her recorder. Ahhh, brought back memories of grade 8 music class and playing the clarinet. As soon as Tammy started playing I wanted to hear the theme music to The Friendly Giant. Jennie tried it out and got most of the song done, then Karen wanted to take a stab at it and finally she passed it to me. My recorder playing abilities are not great to say the least but I figured I could at least get Mary Had a Little Lamb out there. Oddly enough a moment of performance pressure washed over me and I decided it would be best to play it while holding a blanket over myself. Yeah...really great. So that was the video I was going to post. Again I'm a little hestitant to just put it out there so if you reallly want to see it you'll have to catch it on Facebook. Yep, I'm on facebook! Can you believe it?!!

Here are some pics from Friday night:

This, as you may have guessed is Junko.

This is Tammy, who is a much, much better musician than I!

It was so good in fact that Karen jumped out of her seat to just sway and wave her arms to the beat.
Good times!!

Happy Mother's Day from Marko and Sean

Happy Mother's Day from Marko and Sean from lauraperic on Vimeo

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Woo Hoo, Mother's Day Weekend is Here!!

Sean and I got this weekend off to a smashing start by taking advantage of the wonderful weather we had Friday afternoon. We first went to Walmart to pick up a couple new hats for Sean. They were only 4 bucks for two hats!! And he looks pretty darn cute in them too. Before we headed out for a local trail we stopped by Tims and I picked up an apple juice for myself since Sean had his sippy cup with him.

Sean seemed super excited to get walking and checking out stuff, until he noticed my apple juice. Then he wouldn't budge. He wanted apple juice and he wanted some NOW! So I let him have a couple sips and figured that was enough and that it was definetly time to get our walk on. Sean was not convinced, he was much more interested in drinking more juice. So once he drained about half of my juice (did I mention that he was holding his own sippy cup full of orange juice?!) we got on our way...That is, until Sean decided he would much rather just plunk himself down in the middle of the trail and try out all the wonderful things around him. Lets see, he tasted quite a few rocks, some pebbles, a few twigs and some dirt. Needless to say I was one proud Momma!

We came home for lunch and afterwards we headed out once again, only this time we were staying closer to home and played in the backyard. Again Sean found some more tasty morsels and tried out some wet leaves. Yuck!! Still, good times were had by all.

Last night was also a super great time but I'll leave that for another post when I have an accompaning video to share!! :) In the meantime here are some sweet pics.

Ready to head out to the Walmart. I love his sunglasses!

On the run!

Just trucking right along.

Trying on his other hat.

Notice the bits of yuck stuck to his chin. That's my boy!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

He's Trying Everything!

I am just so excited about Sean and his willingness to try new things. Before now, we would give him things like chicken or eggs and he would pretty much just spit it right back out! But lately he has been all about trying whatever is on the go. Tonight he had scrambled eggs!! I know, bit of a crazy thing for supper, but hey, it's protein! He loved the eggs! Absolutely loved them! I thought at first that he was just going to spit it out again but it stayed in and he actually asked for more! Course when he says it, it sounds more like "mow, mow."

Sean was his ever helpful self again today. While I was rooting around in our storage closet, Sean got into our walk- in closet, emptied the laundry baskets and headed for the laundry room. I didn't much mind, I was on my own mission to go through our summer stuff and put away the winter stuff. So I didn't pay much attention to him until it got unearthly quiet in the kitchen. I wondered if I had left the apartment door open and had he gone and let himself into the laundry room (it's the one door he does know how to open). I stopped what I was doing and started calling for him and still there was no response. I got to the hallway, and there's the laundry baskets, the door is closed but still no Sean. I have to confess I was just about in panic mode by this point. That is, until I noticed the hall closet door ajar and I could just see the edge of Sean's arm. He was hiding on me!! I kept calling him to see if he would come to me but no, he definetly wanted me to find him and once I did, oh the squeal he let out!! So super funny.

It's at times like these that I might tell Sean that he's being a silly goose doing that. Later in the afternoon when we were playing in the backyard, Sean wanted to play tag and I'd chase him and he'd do this whole flopsie, twisting thing (seriously you have to see him do this) and I would scoop him up into my arms and laughingly tell him he was my little goose. So he says, "goose!" So now I have taught my son that he is a goose. Now there's some good parenting for you!

Sean loved just sitting on the driveway and kicking at all the gravel, kinda the same way he'll kick at his mega blocks when they're strewn all around him.

Future linebacker?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Need Any Help?

'Cause Sean I'm sure, would absolutely love to help you. Today Sean truly stepped in and helped me out. We were sitting down to lunch and he was happily munching away on his grilled cheese sandwich and I was enjoying my tomato soup and all was well in our little world. That is until Sean deemed it necessary to help me spoon my soup into my mouth. At first I figured he just wanted some and tried to spoon it into his mouth. He made it quite clear that first, I needed his help in getting it into my mouth and then we could talk about me spooning some into his mouth. He wrapped his little hand on top of mine and pushed my hand towards my bowl of soup and then towards my mouth...repeatedly. It was all pretty funny. After a few spoonfuls he decided enough was enough and it was time for him to have some and I succesfully spooned some soup into his happy little mouth. In other food related matters, Sean seems to be much more interested in trying new foods!! He actually tried some of our chicken faijtas and some seafood chowder. The faijtas he wasn't so impressed with but he was definetly into the seafood chowder!

Today Sean and I went to the park...twice. It was that nice out today...finally!! Sean loved being down there. He wanted to play on everything. I would have to say that his favourite thing was going down the twisty slide with his Mommy. I took some video of it but I think he might give you motion sickness so we'll just skip that for now. But here are some shots from the afternoon excursion.

Just goin' for a ride in the car.

Future basketball player?

"Hurry up Mommy, I wanna go down the slide!"

Just swinging away.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Hope Visit Highlights

I feel I should share a couple of fun stories from my folks visit. Obviously the best was Sean's absolute enthusasim with playing with Grampa!

I had been sitting on the floor getting in on the good times with Sean, when I decided it was time to get up and sit on something a bit more comfortable. I thought that the ottoman was right behind me so as I was backing into it, I realized I wasn't quite on target so I tried to compensate but only made myself more unbalanced. I thought I was going to end up back on the floor, but I was able to push myself up onto the ottoman with my hand and all was well. The whole process was humorours to say the least. I was laughing and my parents were laughing. Sean didn't know what was going on but he started laughing...and claping and jumping...until he fell on the floor...on his butt! This caused much more laughing!

Our next adventure in physical humour came when we were trying to fix Sean's rocking chair. It seemed that one of the legs was coming loose and needed a good wack to get back into postion. So my mom held the chair while I wound up, and wacked that leg for all it was worth...My mother's finger will never be the same. And I am quite sure she will repeat this story to everyone she knows. Just like I repeat the story about her going downstairs to get potatoes right after she asked me how my day at school was...oh so many years ago. :)

Today Jennie, Sean and I went to the beach. It was sort of an impromtu visit as we were just heading to the Walmart when I looked back at Sean and he was fast asleep. Instead of waking him, we took a lesiurely drive out to Brackley Beach. By the time we got there Sean woke up and was ready for some adventure. It was pretty windy but fun to walk along the beach and watch the waves. We did go to Walmart afterwards and then to the boardwalk for more walking! Sean went down at bedtime like a rock! Here's to fresh air and lots of exercise!

Mmmmm, can't wait till the weather gets warmer and we can spend an afternoon here.

Checking out the big rocks on the beach.

"Oooh Mommy, it's windy out here!"

"We're not going in the water, right?!"

Jennie and Sean.

Sean and I watching the waves...I think I might have been taking a picture at the time.

A special time with my little fella.