Thursday, May 17, 2007

All Manner of Things

Okay, so let's begin with the neighbours. I know so much more now about their comings and goings because of Sean. Sean has an intense fascination with all things vehicle, be it a bus, a car, a van or a truck; dude wants to talk/see/touch it. This comes into play with our neighbours since our bedroom window looks out onto their driveway. Anytime that we are in our bedroom, Sean will start calling out "cah, cah!"and madly pointing at the window. Sometimes he's also been known to get the idea into his head while playing out in the living room so, he'll grab you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. Essentially what he wants you to do, is help him up onto the window sill so he can have a better view of our neighbours cars. Fun, fun, fun.

Today Abby was over and right away decided she'd like to play with Sean's sit-on train. At firs Sean was okay with that but soon he wanted to play with it too. By times they were both quite vocal about how much they wanted to play with it. I would have to say Sean put up the bigger fuss. Can anyone say temper tantrum?! We finally found some middle ground that they both could agree on. One would get on and I'd push them back and forth for awhile and then the other one got a turn. This brought a lot more smiles!

Not quite sure what's up with Sean in this one.

"Oh yeah, I'm taking this thing all the way to Stratford Baby!"

After the train rides the kiddos took a break and sat down with cups of front of the stove of all places!!

Finally, I am trilled to report that Sean had some salmon salad sandwich this evening and really enjoyed it!! YAY!! He even asked for more!

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mary e said...

Peter went through a long phase (and still does, occasionally) of needing to touch the indicator light on the side of every car we passed when we went for a walk, usually saying 'beep!' at each one. He would get annoyed if we found a new VW that has the light on the mirror, until he found it!