Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Boy is 17 Months Old!

And what fun things can I tell you about him? Well, for starters, he's figured out how to pull doors shut using the door knob. He discovered this when we were in the bathroom. He decided it was time to go, waved and said bye-bye and headed out the door. He slowly but surely pulled to door shut. Closed. Unfortunately he hasn't figured out how to open doors and was a little upset when he realized that he was on one side of the door and Mommy was on the other.

Next, his new and only thus far, favourite phrase is "hat on" (well, I suppose he also enjoys saying "bye poo") But with this hat on phrase he will tap his head and run to the closet in the hopes that I will follow him and get him his hat.

When Sean thinks its a good time to go outside he will open the hall closet haul out his shoes and bring them to me. Then he'll call out, "cah, cah" followed by some emphatic "KEYS? KEYSSS!" Most times I'll humour him and we'll at least head outside for a bit if we don't actually get in the car.

Sean's favourite bed time story seems to be Goodnight Moon, this sits well with Marko and I as we both really enjoyed this book when we were little. The cutest part about this though is that whenever we get to the line "And the little old lady whispering 'hush.' " Sean says hush too...over and over again.

"Hmmmm, Daddy does make for a pretty nice chair, if I do say so myself!"

Just relaxing.

You'll notice that Sean isn't wearing any shoes. Usually once those are off, the socks aren't far behind.

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Sarah said...

Happy 17 months to Sean!!