Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fun and Adventure

Yes, yes, yes, today was full of fun and adventure! Our first bit of fun was this:

What? You don't find a box of fruity cherrios to be just about the best fun to have out there?! Let me assure you it is one of life's many fun things. Here are my reasons why...

Firstly, it made Sean this happy:

"Mommy, these fruity cheerios rock my world!!"

Secondly, I won this box of cheerios.
Thirdly, this box of delicious cheerios came in the mail.
Fourthly, it didn't just come in the mail, it was Fed-Exed people!! Boo Ya! That's right I had to sign for my box of delicious, delicous fruit like cheerios.

As for how I won this box of cereal, I entered a contest in the Mother's Day Giveaway on 5 minutes for Mom. The thought occurred to me that you lose 100% of the contests you don't enter! So get out there and enter your name in stuff and just see how much free stuff you can rack up. I'm presently in two more contests, we'll see how those pan out later.

Now, onto the rest of our exciting day. After Sean had consumed a great many of those sweet tasting o's, I got him some real lunch. As he was getting through that, Jennie came in and it was game over. Jennie is just too much of a distraction for Sean to ignore. We decided to head to Tim's to try out their new wraps. In my humble opinon, I think they're alright. Ya don't get a whole lot for the $4.65 you spend on them but they do taste good. (I had the chicken salad wrap)

After our lunch we were off to a friend's place to pick up a trike for Sean. Just as we were pulling up we noticed an elderly gentleman walking on the sidewalk, carrying what looked to be a globe. Odd, we thought but, hey stranger things have happened...for instance, like what happened next. As we got out of the car, he started talking to us. Telling us how it isn't every day you get to walk with the world in your hands. (have truer words ever been spoken?!) By this point I had Sean out of the car and Mr. Oldie was on his way over. I wondered if he was going to ask for change...He didn't, instead he gave me a twoonie for candy money for Sean!! Crazy! Then he tells me how he found the globe in someone's garbage and did I think it was wrong for him to take it? (hey, mister, my parents dumpster dive so you're asking the wrong gal!) From there he got to telling me about his dad, cussing and how when he was younger, if he had found the globe then, he wouldn't only have taken it but also would have set what was left on fire!

Our friends were out of their house by this point and brought out the trike for Sean to try out. It's a little big for him yet, but they had another toy that's just the right size for him now. I have to give them both a good cleaning before he can get too busy with them but he seemed quite pleased with the new additions just the same.

Our next stop was the mall if only to let Sean walk off some of his excess energy. The boy walked the entire length of the mall and back again. But we stopped for this photo op:

Just driving the car.

Our next adventure was to go to Tea Hill Park. Unfortunately it was closed. So we went back in town to a local park that Jennie and I used to live close to. I always like to put my purse in the trunk whenever I go to a public place like this so I mentioned this to Jennie and she popped the trunk and we threw our purses inside and shut the trunk. And then it was too late. Only then Jennie realized that all three sets of her keys were in her purse, so was her cell phone. Also you can't pop the trunk without the key in the ignition. And what else can you do but laugh at this point?!! As my oldie would say, may as well laugh about it as cry about it! Luckily Jennie's sister works close by and just happens to have a set of Jennie's car keys. So off we went to the seniors' home that her sister works at.

Ann was surprised to see us but not so surprised to learn of our predicament. Seems we have a bit of a history of doing oddball kinda things like this. She gave Jennie the keys to her car and Jennie's car so that (now try to stay with me here, this may get a bit complicated) Jennie could drive down, leave Ann's car, bring Jennie's back up (it has the car seat), we pile in, drive back, Jennie jumps out of her car and into Ann's and I jump into the driver seat and we head back up to the home, drop Ann's car and then back to the park we go! What fun!! While Jennie went for the car, Sean and I were taken to the dining hall where we met a few of the residents and had some delicious cake and grape juice! On our way out we met the Lieutenant Governor, although we didn't know it at the time. We couldn't have planned this little excursion any better if we had tried!!

This was on our way up to the home. Sean was getting a little weary of all the walking by this point.

At the park Sean enjoyed going down the twisty slide with Jennie and I, and playing on the swing. Don't have any pictures of the slide but here's some great swing shots.

Go For It!!

"This is AWESOME!!"

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kim hart said...

too funny... i had the VERY same pictures taken of me pushing chelsea on a swing a few days ago... what is it that they say about great minds?