Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Long Weekend Everybody

I hope you're all enjoying the long weekend. Although Marko doesn't have tomorrow off we have made the most of this weekend. It's been kind of a date weekend for us. We went out Friday night and Sunday ourselves. Can you believe it?! Friday night we went out for some Chinese buffet which was oh so yummmy! I kept feeling like I should be wiping something up or picking something up off the floor or just smiling at Sean most of the time. Once we finally realized it was just us and that it was okay we enjoyed the time to ourselves and our lemon chicken!

This evening we went to the movies! Yee Haw! I think the last movie we saw in the theatre was Pirates of the Carribean 2. Tonight we saw Shrek 3. I loved it!! It was so funny and great and so funny!! Definetly a two thumbs up from me. Our lovely landlord and his wife looked after Sean for us both nights. It's pretty easy for them since he's already in bed and we just take the monitor up to them. They get to stay in the comfort of their own home and listen to our sweet slumbering son.

Speaking of the landlord, his name is Gerry. He's great, he built the house himself and is an all round handy kind of guy. Recently I asked him about putting another shelf in our walk in closet and he was more than happy to put that up. He came down to do the measurements and Sean came bounding up to him and pointing and saying, "Dewy, Dewy!" Hmmm, guess that's his version of Gerry. Even when he sees their car now he'll say Dewy. It's so cute.

Oh, and another highlight of this weekend, is that I won one of the other contests I entered!! Weeee! I won a book!

"Mmmm I love cookies!"

"Mommy, you make gooooood cookies!"

Sean on his new to us trike. He even knows where to put his feet.

"The trike is nice Mommy, but this is definetly more my speed!"

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