Thursday, May 10, 2007

He's Trying Everything!

I am just so excited about Sean and his willingness to try new things. Before now, we would give him things like chicken or eggs and he would pretty much just spit it right back out! But lately he has been all about trying whatever is on the go. Tonight he had scrambled eggs!! I know, bit of a crazy thing for supper, but hey, it's protein! He loved the eggs! Absolutely loved them! I thought at first that he was just going to spit it out again but it stayed in and he actually asked for more! Course when he says it, it sounds more like "mow, mow."

Sean was his ever helpful self again today. While I was rooting around in our storage closet, Sean got into our walk- in closet, emptied the laundry baskets and headed for the laundry room. I didn't much mind, I was on my own mission to go through our summer stuff and put away the winter stuff. So I didn't pay much attention to him until it got unearthly quiet in the kitchen. I wondered if I had left the apartment door open and had he gone and let himself into the laundry room (it's the one door he does know how to open). I stopped what I was doing and started calling for him and still there was no response. I got to the hallway, and there's the laundry baskets, the door is closed but still no Sean. I have to confess I was just about in panic mode by this point. That is, until I noticed the hall closet door ajar and I could just see the edge of Sean's arm. He was hiding on me!! I kept calling him to see if he would come to me but no, he definetly wanted me to find him and once I did, oh the squeal he let out!! So super funny.

It's at times like these that I might tell Sean that he's being a silly goose doing that. Later in the afternoon when we were playing in the backyard, Sean wanted to play tag and I'd chase him and he'd do this whole flopsie, twisting thing (seriously you have to see him do this) and I would scoop him up into my arms and laughingly tell him he was my little goose. So he says, "goose!" So now I have taught my son that he is a goose. Now there's some good parenting for you!

Sean loved just sitting on the driveway and kicking at all the gravel, kinda the same way he'll kick at his mega blocks when they're strewn all around him.

Future linebacker?

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