Monday, May 07, 2007

Hope Visit Highlights

I feel I should share a couple of fun stories from my folks visit. Obviously the best was Sean's absolute enthusasim with playing with Grampa!

I had been sitting on the floor getting in on the good times with Sean, when I decided it was time to get up and sit on something a bit more comfortable. I thought that the ottoman was right behind me so as I was backing into it, I realized I wasn't quite on target so I tried to compensate but only made myself more unbalanced. I thought I was going to end up back on the floor, but I was able to push myself up onto the ottoman with my hand and all was well. The whole process was humorours to say the least. I was laughing and my parents were laughing. Sean didn't know what was going on but he started laughing...and claping and jumping...until he fell on the floor...on his butt! This caused much more laughing!

Our next adventure in physical humour came when we were trying to fix Sean's rocking chair. It seemed that one of the legs was coming loose and needed a good wack to get back into postion. So my mom held the chair while I wound up, and wacked that leg for all it was worth...My mother's finger will never be the same. And I am quite sure she will repeat this story to everyone she knows. Just like I repeat the story about her going downstairs to get potatoes right after she asked me how my day at school was...oh so many years ago. :)

Today Jennie, Sean and I went to the beach. It was sort of an impromtu visit as we were just heading to the Walmart when I looked back at Sean and he was fast asleep. Instead of waking him, we took a lesiurely drive out to Brackley Beach. By the time we got there Sean woke up and was ready for some adventure. It was pretty windy but fun to walk along the beach and watch the waves. We did go to Walmart afterwards and then to the boardwalk for more walking! Sean went down at bedtime like a rock! Here's to fresh air and lots of exercise!

Mmmmm, can't wait till the weather gets warmer and we can spend an afternoon here.

Checking out the big rocks on the beach.

"Oooh Mommy, it's windy out here!"

"We're not going in the water, right?!"

Jennie and Sean.

Sean and I watching the waves...I think I might have been taking a picture at the time.

A special time with my little fella.

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