Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Hopes Were Here!

And oh my word!! What an amazingly wonderful time we had! They landed on our doorstep a little after ten and stayed until mid afternoon. Sean was a little amazed by all the hustle and bustle these new people made but he soon warmed up to them. He gave lots of hugs and kisses. It was so sweet to watch him. It was the absolute best and funniest to watch him play with his Grampa! Sean brought his shape sorter to Grampa and Grampa decided it would be a great idea to toss the shapes in the air around Sean. Sean was ecstatic!! He quickly picked up the shapes and threw them back to Grampa all the while laughing and jumping and claping! I have honestly never seen him this worked up about anything. It was great!

Gettin some Grama lovin'

All crazy happy dancing.

Thinking about throwing his bus in the air...Mommy and Daddy convinced him that this wasn't a good idea.

Grampa brought Sean a new booster seat! So no more highchair for our little man.

Just hangin' with the Hopes before they had to leave.

Another present Sean got was a rocking chair. It was mine when I was little so it's pretty cool to have it here for him too. He quite likes it, I'll have to show pictures tomorrow. I'd like to make some cushions for it too...Some day.

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Sarah said...

Looks like Sean had a great time with his Gramma and Grampa over the weekend!