Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's My Potty and I'll Poo if I Wanna...

It's true, it's true! Our little lad pooed in his potty today! So exciting! Lately he has been saying poopy just before he poops and this time I took him at his word. We sauntered down to the bathroom, sat him on the pot and voila, poopy! Sean seemed pretty pleased too. He seemed the most interested when it came to flushing, he waved and said "bye, bye," to his poopy. Let's hope we can keep this up.

Today was a fun day for words as well. Sean is adding so many new words to his vocabulary almost every day. Today he came out with raccoon which sounds more like waccoon and macaroni which sounds more like roni. He got the racoon from one of his favourite books called Home Sweet Home. And we had macaroni for supper.

I think one of Sean's favourite things to do on the weekend is to eat his Daddy's breakfast with him. Marko will be sitting down to eat and Sean will come over and ask to be picked up. Marko will set him on his lap and the two of them make the absolute cutest picture (I wish I had one for you but the battery was dead at the time) Sometimes Sean will take the spoon and attempt to scoop up some cheerios but mostly they just ended up somewhere on his face rather than in his mouth. Still pretty cute though.

"I love playing with my Daddy!"

"Ummm, Mommy this isn't Pepsi!!"

Deep in Thought.

Another favourite: having me spin around in circles while holding him. He loves it, absolutely loves it!!

"So you come by here often?"

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hooray for poopy boy!!