Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Need Any Help?

'Cause Sean I'm sure, would absolutely love to help you. Today Sean truly stepped in and helped me out. We were sitting down to lunch and he was happily munching away on his grilled cheese sandwich and I was enjoying my tomato soup and all was well in our little world. That is until Sean deemed it necessary to help me spoon my soup into my mouth. At first I figured he just wanted some and tried to spoon it into his mouth. He made it quite clear that first, I needed his help in getting it into my mouth and then we could talk about me spooning some into his mouth. He wrapped his little hand on top of mine and pushed my hand towards my bowl of soup and then towards my mouth...repeatedly. It was all pretty funny. After a few spoonfuls he decided enough was enough and it was time for him to have some and I succesfully spooned some soup into his happy little mouth. In other food related matters, Sean seems to be much more interested in trying new foods!! He actually tried some of our chicken faijtas and some seafood chowder. The faijtas he wasn't so impressed with but he was definetly into the seafood chowder!

Today Sean and I went to the park...twice. It was that nice out today...finally!! Sean loved being down there. He wanted to play on everything. I would have to say that his favourite thing was going down the twisty slide with his Mommy. I took some video of it but I think he might give you motion sickness so we'll just skip that for now. But here are some shots from the afternoon excursion.

Just goin' for a ride in the car.

Future basketball player?

"Hurry up Mommy, I wanna go down the slide!"

Just swinging away.

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