Thursday, May 24, 2007


Yeah, so ever have one of those days where you're just left thinking this can't be happening?! Yeah, that was my today. Before I get into too much detail lets just go through a brief list of all the things I had to look forward to today:
1. Playing with Sean
2. Making sticky buns for the Baby shower at church this evening
3. Having Abby over.
4. Wrapping gift for said shower.
5. Going to said shower.

So the list isn't all that extensive or daunting upon first glance, now let me fill in the blanks. The playing with Sean went exceptionally well, really it was the highlight of the day. If only I had realised it then.

Next lets hop to having Abby over for that was when things got interesting! I put her down for a nap and continued with making the sticky buns. I do the dough up in my bread maker and while that was on the go, I had some lunch which consisted of a couple soft boiled eggs and some toast. I would just like to say here that the toast wasn't burning, nor were the eggs, nor the dough in the bread maker. But for some insane reason the smoke detector felt that something was amiss and proceeded to make a noise that I thought would surely wake the dead! I ran over and frantically waved a dish towel at it to get it to stop. And it did, miraculously Abby did not stir or even make a peep. Relief. Just to be safe I popped open the living room window just to keep things cool.

Once Abby was up from her nap, I took the two kiddos out to play ball in the side yard. I decided to play there, that way I could see the street should Brian and Bonnie come for Abby. We didn't see them, but we did see the landlord pull up, unload some stuff and take off again. After a while both Sean and Abby got tired of the balls and wanted to go the neighbour's yard. I felt that this was a good time to go back inside. I herded them to the door and turned the knob, only it didn't turn, it stayed exactly in it's spot. I tried again and even once more. I could not, would not believe that I had been locked out of the house with two toddlers and no keys in my pockets! I realised then, that the landlord (aka Gerry or to Sean, Dewy) must have locked the door when he unloaded his car. So now what?!! It was then that I remembered my sister in law telling me last summer how she popped out one of our window screens and then climbed through the window into the apartment. Well, if it worked for her surely I could do the same. Should be a little more interesting what with the little ones to get through too.

I popped the screen and pushed the window open as far as it would go. This procedure completely entralled Sean and he was happy just to touch the window and peer inside. Abby on the other hand seemed to want to visit the neighbours. I kept a hold of Abby's hand and managed to push myself through our window and down onto the chair below. Once I was balanced I pulled Abby through and then Sean. Both of them thought coming through the window was amazing! Sean thought it was such fun that as soon as he was on the floor, he was clamouring to get back up on the chair and be lifted out the window!!

I was very thankful to be back in the apartment! Okay lets zip forward a bit to the whole lets get ready for the shower bit. I got the sticky buns done without a hitch and I got dressed without too much fuss either. Then I went to wrap the gift. Too bad I couldn't remember where I put the thing! I was sure I had left it on the spare bed but nope. I looked in my trunk, in the closet, the desk, the bookshelf, everywhere but... nothing! The gift had vanished, I was not a very happy camper by this point. I never did find the gift and I seriously contemplated not going. Marko being the wise husband that he is, encouraged me to go, that I probably needed the time to just go and be social. I'm so glad he did as I did have a very enjoyable time.

So there it is my day in a nutshell. These are pics from yesterday:

I think this has got to be Abby's favourite place in our apartment!

"Hmmm, I think I can just squeese in here Abby."

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