Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time to Create

Sean and I were pretty busy today. We started by doing some serious cleaning in the living room. Sean has a little puzzle with like five pieces to it and they all went M.I.A so I knew it was time to move the couches and get at all the dust bunnies and whatever else might be behind them. And lo, there was much to recover, several books, some blocks, all the puzzle pieces but one as well there were some of the scariest dust bunnies known to man back there! As I pulled toys out Sean got busy playing with them, it was kinda like a second Christmas for him.

Next we went to the spare room which is my catch all kinda room. It doesn't take long for the bed to get piled high with stuff. We puttered about until I found the adapter for my electric keyboard. I pulled it out and plugged it in to see if it would still work. It did, and Sean was indeed interested in trying this new fangled thing out. As seen here:

Just tickling the ivories, he looks pretty tickled himself.

With cleaning and rearranging out of the way it was time to sit down and get some colouring done. I must say this time has been the best yet. When I put the crayons down before him, he didn't instantly try to pop one in his mouth! He set right to work with scribbling with each different crayon. He did taste a couple colours but no bites were taken!

"Please stop the music, can't you see I'm trying to create a masterpiece here?!"

I just look at this picture and think, wow, where has my little baby boy gone? He's getting to be such a big boy now!

Thank you, Grammie Peric for your phone call. It was very much appreciated! I don't think I've ever seen Sean lean into the phone for a kiss before! Also, we got everything taken care of and are looking forward to the conference. Thank-you again!

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