Sunday, May 13, 2007

What a Great Mother's Day!

It has been a wonderful day to be a mother, especially to be the mother of my sweet little boy. After church we went out to lunch, to the ever hot spot, Wendy's by the bridge. I love their mandarin chicken salad! Sean happens to really enjoy the mandarins! With lunch tucked away in our bellies we headed home for a family nap. Once we were up from our nap, Marko had Sean bring out my present to me. I got a tripod for the camera! YAY! Sean was okay with the tripod itself ,but had the most fun trying to stuff some of his toys into the box it came in.
Mother's day dinner was to be a roast, so I popped it in the oven and we headed out for a Sunday drive. Sean tried some of the roast but wasn't too keen on it. He did enjoy the carrots though. Sean was super cute at bath time, I was sudsing Sean's hair and he was sitting still and I said thank you and then he said it back but more like, hunk-you. He's been sayin please a.k.a. peas for awhile so this is big for us. He may throw his toys around the room but at least he'll be polite about it!

And so that was my Mother's Day in a nutshell. I thought I'd go back and tell you a bit more about Friday night at Tammy's. I went with Jennie and Karen was meeting us there. The reason for the get together was to have a video chat with our friend Junko (pronounced June-ko) who lives in Japan. Oh my word!! What fun! It was so good to talk to her again and have her show us her apartment and what is outside of her apartment! It was neat to see and hear Japan without leaving PEI. I'd love to go there someday. After our video chat we just sat around and swigged Pepsi (well most of us did, Karen being all healthy brought V8 Splash). We also went through some of Tammy's stuff that she had in her computer room. The most interesting find of the night was her recorder. Ahhh, brought back memories of grade 8 music class and playing the clarinet. As soon as Tammy started playing I wanted to hear the theme music to The Friendly Giant. Jennie tried it out and got most of the song done, then Karen wanted to take a stab at it and finally she passed it to me. My recorder playing abilities are not great to say the least but I figured I could at least get Mary Had a Little Lamb out there. Oddly enough a moment of performance pressure washed over me and I decided it would be best to play it while holding a blanket over myself. Yeah...really great. So that was the video I was going to post. Again I'm a little hestitant to just put it out there so if you reallly want to see it you'll have to catch it on Facebook. Yep, I'm on facebook! Can you believe it?!!

Here are some pics from Friday night:

This, as you may have guessed is Junko.

This is Tammy, who is a much, much better musician than I!

It was so good in fact that Karen jumped out of her seat to just sway and wave her arms to the beat.
Good times!!

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Mike said...

Have a happy Mother's Day everyday.