Saturday, May 12, 2007

Woo Hoo, Mother's Day Weekend is Here!!

Sean and I got this weekend off to a smashing start by taking advantage of the wonderful weather we had Friday afternoon. We first went to Walmart to pick up a couple new hats for Sean. They were only 4 bucks for two hats!! And he looks pretty darn cute in them too. Before we headed out for a local trail we stopped by Tims and I picked up an apple juice for myself since Sean had his sippy cup with him.

Sean seemed super excited to get walking and checking out stuff, until he noticed my apple juice. Then he wouldn't budge. He wanted apple juice and he wanted some NOW! So I let him have a couple sips and figured that was enough and that it was definetly time to get our walk on. Sean was not convinced, he was much more interested in drinking more juice. So once he drained about half of my juice (did I mention that he was holding his own sippy cup full of orange juice?!) we got on our way...That is, until Sean decided he would much rather just plunk himself down in the middle of the trail and try out all the wonderful things around him. Lets see, he tasted quite a few rocks, some pebbles, a few twigs and some dirt. Needless to say I was one proud Momma!

We came home for lunch and afterwards we headed out once again, only this time we were staying closer to home and played in the backyard. Again Sean found some more tasty morsels and tried out some wet leaves. Yuck!! Still, good times were had by all.

Last night was also a super great time but I'll leave that for another post when I have an accompaning video to share!! :) In the meantime here are some sweet pics.

Ready to head out to the Walmart. I love his sunglasses!

On the run!

Just trucking right along.

Trying on his other hat.

Notice the bits of yuck stuck to his chin. That's my boy!

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Sarah said...

so cute, in the last picture it looks like he's thinking, "what, there's nothing wrong with having leaves on my chin, it is perfectly acceptable"