Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Canada Weekend Everybody!

So anyone have big plans for the weekend? For us so far so good. Last night we had our friends Mike and Nancy over for an evening of chatting and settling (we are avid players of the game The Settlers of Catan. If you've never played it, you should start!! It's very addictive.) Today I went to work and then, Marko, Sean and I went to Mike and Nancy's for some BBQ and my WORD does Mike ever cook up and AWESOME steak!! It was so good that even Sean had his fair share of it! Sean was really excited to play with their dog, but he was especially interested in their cat. He kept chasing after Pekoe and calling out "Kitty, kitty!!" Pekoe though just wasn't interested in Sean's antics and sought refuge in the bedroom. Meanwhile Sean noticed a picture of him and said "Peee-Koooo" So cute!

Tomorrow after church we're off to Victoria Park for fun on the playground and in the pool! Hopefully the weather will be good for us. After play time we're off to Brian and Bonnie's for some more BBQ fun with the whole gang followed by the fireworks. Can't wait.

Then the real piece de resistance is Monday. There couldn't more great fun and exciting stuff happening in one day then Monday. We're headed to New Brunswick for the afternoon to visit with my friend Mary and her husband and son (she and I went to Mt.Allison together and now she lives in England) as well as with my past choir director (who also happened to be one of my favourite profs) and the minister and his wife from the church I went to while I was there. Then, when we get back to good ol' PEI guess who'll be here waiting for us?!! Grammie Peric!! Cannot wait people!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

"Hmmmm, I wonder what happened next?!"

"Look Mom, I've found lunch!!"

Bed time Antics.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Everybody Gets Hugs Tonight, Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

Sean is all about the hugs these days! The other afternoon, the three of us were in the living room. Marko and I were on the couch and Sean was puttering about playing with his toys. I asked Sean to give Daddy a hug and so off he trots and gives him a hug. Then I asked for a hug and he came to me with his cute little hug. Then I told him to give Daddy another hug and most willingly he obliged. This went on for like 4 minutes!! Just going back and forth to us giving us his hugs! We loved it!

Happy Belated Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there. We went to Nova Scotia to hang out with my folks. It was a wonderful day, if a bit cloudy and cold. The ferry ride over was great. Sean had a ball taking Daddy and I on walks around the deck. Sean was very happy to get to Gramma and Grampa's as they had some really great toys to play with. (mostly toys that Karina and I had played with when we were little) We were a little concerned for Sean though as he never had a nap that morning...In the end the only nap he got was about 15 minutes long on the drive to the boat. You would think that through the day he would have gotten cranky or upset but not even once did he sputter! I was so impressed! We visited my grandmother in the nursing home. I would say Sean's favourite part was playing the piano in the dinning room.

Remember how I said I have to watch what I say these days? Well, I really should take my own advice. I happened to say something like "stupid block" while Sean and I were cleaning up toys and didn't Sean pipe up and say, "tupid block."

Grampa and Sean planting a spiraea. This was a plant that also grew at my Dad's childhood home.

Gramma and Sean just tickling the ivories.

Isn't he just the cutest?!

What a sweet little face of joy!

Sean in his new outfit from Gramma and Grampa. The cow is from Auntie Karina.

Trying to look like Daddy.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Moments of Brilliance...

That is how one of my choir directors used to describe some of our performances..."Well," He'd say, "there were definetly some moments of brilliance." Obviously the piece was not perfect and he could've said something along the lines of "You floundered around for most of it but it was okay." Thankfully he went with the whole moments of brilliance addage and I shall be forever grateful for that, as I think it aptly describes my parenting abilities. I definetly don't get it right every time but man, look out for those moments of brilliance!! Like making a fort for something new to do, or singing about everything (Sean really enjoys the singing, pulls him out of a bad mood just about every time) or setting aside the housework to take time to play with Sean...These are my moments of brilliance. Thank you, Dr. Summerby-Murray for that one!!

Sean is just going full steam ahead with his vocabulary! It really astounds me how much he knows. He knows his Grammie and can point her out in the photo album. He repeats pretty near anything I say. (so you know I have to be extra careful with what I say around him) If something is bothering me or Sean has thrown yet another handful of peas on the floor, I'll usually let out a sigh and say "mercy." So today Sean said it too except his sounds more like moosey. Pretty cute. And friends, he's starting to get a pretty good handle on your names too! Except for Brian, he just keeps going back to Bonnie or Abby for that one. Not really sure why he does that but I'm sure he'll get it one day...eventually.

Ooooohhh and I'm sure you'll love to know that the boy can throw some pretty impressive temper tantrums. Especially when he's playing with toys and you decide it's time to do something different. Look out for flailing feet and loud high pitched screams!! Yipes!

Still, tantrums aside he is one very happy little boy. As Auntie Linda might say, he is a very passionate little fella!

It actually seemed like he put his hand on my lap for the photo op! How cute is that?!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summertime Fun!

Well, finally the good weather has come to PEI!! And we are taking full advantage of it! On Tuesday Sean and I joined Abby and Bonnie on a fun little excursion to Woodleigh Replicas. It's a pretty neat place if you ever get to visit the Island. Sean and Abby had a hoot wandering around and looking at all the different buildings that were pretty much their size! I think some of Sean's favourite things were: The old Rolls Royce, the water fall, the mystical blue orb and the teeter totter at the playground!

Today was another fun filled day. Jennie came and spent the day with us. In the morning the three of us headed out Stanhope way and hit one of the trails out there. Sean enjoyed, nay, insisted on pushing his own stroller, thank you very much, for most of the way. The trail we picked had a wonderful reward of a bubbling spring to stop at and toss rocks into. This, Sean loved with all his toddler being!

In the afternoon Abby came over and we decided to take the tots to the backyard and let them splash and play in the kiddie pool. I thought this would be a pretty easy task. Step one, get kids ready; step two, get them to the backyard; step three, uncover pool; step four, clean pool off with hose; step five, fill pool and finally step six, let the kiddies have at it. This just wasn't so for today's little adventure. Everything went well up until step four as their was no hose and what's more there was no tap...there was a place where a tap should have been but just no tap. So while Jennie entertained the kids I ran up and down the stairs on my own little bucket much fun!! In the end just Sean got in on the water action, Abby was much more content to sit on either Jennie or my lap and sing her own little songs.

After Abby left, Jennie, Sean and I headed to the park for some more fun. Sean played on the teeter totter with Jennie, went down the twisty slide and ran around. Yep, we totally tuckered out this little guy. I tell you, it didn't take much to get him to sleep tonight!

Just waiting for Bonnie and Abby.

"Don't the castles make everything romantic?"


The mystical blue orb of wacking goodness.

"Mommy, I'm just going to touch the water with my finger...K?" Not long after he got his foot in there!

"Jennie, you can let go, I've got this covered!"

Good times at the spring.

Sean's favourite trick in the pool: head dunking.

What fashion finesse my son has. He is wearing merely one powder blue crock with the ever so stylish Tigger swimmers and finishing off the look is Abby's pink spring bonnet.

Loving the teeter totter.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We're Back!

Okay so we've been back since Saturday night but this is my first opportunity to write. We had a really great time in Moncton. The conference was amazing! It's called Ancient Paths and it was a real eye opener and life changer. I am so very grateful that my mother in law and sister in law encouraged us to do this!

While we were in Moncton Sean stayed with the MacDonald's and had a fantastic time. I am so thankful for them and their willingness to look after our little guy. He came home with at least one new trick that I've noticed so far. He can now actually kiss!! Mostly he kisses his toys but if you point out a part on your face he will come over and give you a kiss!! I love it!

A water fountain in Moncton...Cool eh?!

Headed to the bridge back to the Island.

The view on the bridge.

A sailboat in the harbour.

Sean going down the slide all by himself!

Sean hiding in our make-shift tent.

"Surprise!!" His shirt reads, 'Worth my weight in GOLD'