Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Everybody Gets Hugs Tonight, Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

Sean is all about the hugs these days! The other afternoon, the three of us were in the living room. Marko and I were on the couch and Sean was puttering about playing with his toys. I asked Sean to give Daddy a hug and so off he trots and gives him a hug. Then I asked for a hug and he came to me with his cute little hug. Then I told him to give Daddy another hug and most willingly he obliged. This went on for like 4 minutes!! Just going back and forth to us giving us his hugs! We loved it!

Happy Belated Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there. We went to Nova Scotia to hang out with my folks. It was a wonderful day, if a bit cloudy and cold. The ferry ride over was great. Sean had a ball taking Daddy and I on walks around the deck. Sean was very happy to get to Gramma and Grampa's as they had some really great toys to play with. (mostly toys that Karina and I had played with when we were little) We were a little concerned for Sean though as he never had a nap that morning...In the end the only nap he got was about 15 minutes long on the drive to the boat. You would think that through the day he would have gotten cranky or upset but not even once did he sputter! I was so impressed! We visited my grandmother in the nursing home. I would say Sean's favourite part was playing the piano in the dinning room.

Remember how I said I have to watch what I say these days? Well, I really should take my own advice. I happened to say something like "stupid block" while Sean and I were cleaning up toys and didn't Sean pipe up and say, "tupid block."

Grampa and Sean planting a spiraea. This was a plant that also grew at my Dad's childhood home.

Gramma and Sean just tickling the ivories.

Isn't he just the cutest?!

What a sweet little face of joy!

Sean in his new outfit from Gramma and Grampa. The cow is from Auntie Karina.

Trying to look like Daddy.

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Anonymous said...

Although its very busy here and i hardly have time to think i am getting excited to come home. We are house sitting for a family who have wireless internet so any videos you put on the blog we can see before i only had dial up. so how about a video or two this coming week to get me further excited about homecoming :) Linda