Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Canada Weekend Everybody!

So anyone have big plans for the weekend? For us so far so good. Last night we had our friends Mike and Nancy over for an evening of chatting and settling (we are avid players of the game The Settlers of Catan. If you've never played it, you should start!! It's very addictive.) Today I went to work and then, Marko, Sean and I went to Mike and Nancy's for some BBQ and my WORD does Mike ever cook up and AWESOME steak!! It was so good that even Sean had his fair share of it! Sean was really excited to play with their dog, but he was especially interested in their cat. He kept chasing after Pekoe and calling out "Kitty, kitty!!" Pekoe though just wasn't interested in Sean's antics and sought refuge in the bedroom. Meanwhile Sean noticed a picture of him and said "Peee-Koooo" So cute!

Tomorrow after church we're off to Victoria Park for fun on the playground and in the pool! Hopefully the weather will be good for us. After play time we're off to Brian and Bonnie's for some more BBQ fun with the whole gang followed by the fireworks. Can't wait.

Then the real piece de resistance is Monday. There couldn't more great fun and exciting stuff happening in one day then Monday. We're headed to New Brunswick for the afternoon to visit with my friend Mary and her husband and son (she and I went to Mt.Allison together and now she lives in England) as well as with my past choir director (who also happened to be one of my favourite profs) and the minister and his wife from the church I went to while I was there. Then, when we get back to good ol' PEI guess who'll be here waiting for us?!! Grammie Peric!! Cannot wait people!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

"Hmmmm, I wonder what happened next?!"

"Look Mom, I've found lunch!!"

Bed time Antics.

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